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Owning... guinea pigs

The cost of guinea pigs

Please note: this is only an estimate using approximate prices. Cost will vary depending on the individual guinea pigs. It is only intended to be a guide.

Initial costs

Female guinea pig, around £18 (more expensive than males since you can breed from them)

Male, around £15

Long haired, around £20

Hutch, around £30 - £40 depending on size etc.

Run, Around £40 - £50 depending on size;

Bale of hay and a big bale of shavings, around £15 for both

Dried food, around £4

Salt lick, around 50p

Water bottle, about £2

Food bowl, about £2

Maximum total (if purchasing 2 long haired guinea pigs and large hutch & run) = £139.50

Monthly cost

Dried food, around £4

Greens, variable but around £5 - £10

Total = £14

Yearly cost

Dried food, (£4 x 12) = £48

Greens, (£10 x 12) = £120

Hay & shavings, (£15 x 4) = £60

Vet bills, depending on the individual, so count as an excess on total;

Total = £228

So, in the first year of purchase, it may cost in the region of £367.50

From these estimations, you may well spend up to £1507 on your guinea pigs if they live for six years, plus any vet bills.

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