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Please read the information and instruction page before using this site. I have decided after a very loooooong hiatus, that with the popularity of the name, (Anodyne), if not this site itself, to update this site. So, stand back and cover your (*bleepin*) family jewels, cause changes are in the works.

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Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Having the usual bad hair day? Still can't afford that new gold ring for your significant other or have you been drooling over the hottest looking clothes in a boutique that you just can't seem to be able to afford? Want the latest super duper fastest in the world very cool computer? Having a problem with someone or something and its always gnawing at your mind?

Can't figure out why your always one step behind? Has your life become a speeding blur and you do not seem to be able to direct it or slow it down? The myriad problems of our civilization today never seem to stop...

Todays life, for a large part of the world, has become a fairy tale. Computers, autos, gadgets, doo dads, even a persons outlook on their own life, has been influenced by some corporations theme of "you need this". As we are bombarded by media of all types on a gigantic scale, have we lost some contact with the actual world and the real reason we are here? Shall humanities diversity of character and individual force of will be gradually lost?

Do you question the meaning of it all?...

Now, Anodyne offers both, ground level introspection on various IMPORTANT thoughts, and a chance to voice to the rest of the world of your own hopes and fears...

Your comments are encouraged and most welcome. All mail will be read and the most pertinent will be posted under the appropriate listing.All items are rated on a 1-5 scale for relevence, with 5 being the most insightful on that subject.

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