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As the title implies, I really don't know where this came from. I was in the mood to play the foreigner obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution. Little did I know that the kid would be the biggest video game dork of all time. I laugh. Pointless humor. : )

GEEK (10:17:22 PM): u sir are a ninny
RYAN (10:17:36 PM): thsi is mac
GEEK (10:17:47 PM): who?
RYAN (10:18:15 PM): mac, votrn yugoslavik, u danc danc, no?
GEEK (10:18:22 PM): nope
RYAN (10:18:31 PM): whye?
GEEK (10:19:04 PM): cause i don;t know that game well at all
RYAN (10:19:42 PM): whye?
GEEK (10:20:07 PM): cause i played the training levels, that's about it
RYAN (10:20:24 PM): whye?
GEEK (10:20:34 PM): cause i don't get it
RYAN (10:20:47 PM): danc wit americanz sex
GEEK (10:22:14 PM): ummmm....k
RYAN (10:22:43 PM): americanz luky, no?
GEEK (10:22:53 PM): quiet you
RYAN (10:23:08 PM): vas Jedi?
GEEK (10:23:14 PM): what
RYAN (10:23:21 PM): vas is Jedi?
RYAN (10:23:29 PM): whut menz Jedi?
GEEK (10:23:56 PM): if you don't know, you are an idiot
RYAN (10:24:11 PM): does jedi danc danc?
GEEK (10:24:16 PM): no
RYAN (10:24:17 PM): mit aragorn?
RYAN (10:24:59 PM): helo?
GEEK (10:25:07 PM): bite me
RYAN (10:25:30 PM): americanz mit penizes r mene
GEEK (10:25:48 PM): do you know what counter-strike is?
RYAN (10:25:54 PM): yez!
GEEK (10:25:58 PM): ok
GEEK (10:26:06 PM): do you know what UT2K3 is
RYAN (10:26:28 PM): ? i not undrestand
GEEK (10:26:36 PM): unreal tourname 2003
RYAN (10:26:45 PM): unreel, yez
RYAN (10:27:16 PM): whye?
GEEK (10:27:50 PM): just checking if you deserve to talk to me
RYAN (10:28:10 PM): mie peeple made cs
GEEK (10:28:48 PM): HA! gooseman is not some dumb ass ninny that types with a fake german accent
RYAN (10:29:30 PM): gooseman iz japan
GEEK (10:29:50 PM): ummmm....i think not
RYAN (10:30:57 PM): i mett gooseman at con
GEEK (10:31:04 PM): uh-huh sure
RYAN (10:31:49 PM): iz in japan, yu liek e3?
GEEK (10:32:04 PM): e3 is actually held in the us
RYAN (10:32:10 PM): yez!
RYAN (10:32:25 PM): yu maek no senz
GEEK (10:32:32 PM): you make less sense
RYAN (10:32:49 PM): unreel iz fer gurl
GEEK (10:33:05 PM): thems fightin wrods
RYAN (10:33:43 PM): i kil all en unreel, i get borde, plae age of empirez
GEEK (10:34:28 PM): too late
RYAN (10:34:35 PM): ? wha
GEEK (10:35:15 PM): so blow yourself
RYAN (10:36:00 PM): americanz plae japan, ore games r bettre
GEEK (10:36:20 PM): what is your primary language
RYAN (10:36:43 PM): i liev in moskva
GEEK (10:37:03 PM): llama
RYAN (10:37:17 PM): ? llama
GEEK (10:37:24 PM): yes, u are a llama
RYAN (10:37:51 PM): mezican whoping llama?
GEEK (10:38:32 PM): no just a dumb ass llama
RYAN (10:38:42 PM): alright man, you passed;
RYAN (10:38:59 PM): I just had to know if it was really serious
GEEK (10:39:10 PM): what was serious?
RYAN (10:39:38 PM): you, I can't just have anyone, I need someone who really knows what they're talking about
GEEK (10:39:55 PM): ummmmmmmmm...............................
RYAN (10:40:23 PM): so are you going to accept?
GEEK (10:40:31 PM): accept what
RYAN (10:40:46 PM): my offer
GEEK (10:40:56 PM): offer for what
RYAN (10:40:59 PM): is this John??
GEEK (10:41:04 PM): maybe
GEEK (10:41:05 PM): who is this
RYAN (10:41:15 PM): I need to talk to John, shit, I thought you were him dude
GEEK (10:41:29 PM): tell me who u are first
RYAN (10:41:40 PM): this is Mike, I talked to john about a week ago
RYAN (10:41:47 PM): I was supposed to follow up
GEEK (10:41:58 PM): mike who from where?
RYAN (10:42:21 PM): Dumas
GEEK (10:42:39 PM): mike dumas...ha..ha
RYAN (10:42:55 PM): can I please speak to john?
GEEK (10:43:01 PM): ok, hang on
GEEK (10:43:17 PM): this is john, what is it u want
RYAN (10:43:52 PM): hi, john? this is mike dumas, we spoke about a week ago, I was just following up. I'm sorry, I thought that it was you on your sn or I would have been more up front.
GEEK (10:44:26 PM): a week ago? where, i bad at remembering people
RYAN (10:44:51 PM): The BBS at supercars.net
GEEK (10:45:08 PM): ummm....nope, i'm not on supercars.net
RYAN (10:45:24 PM): this is john right? there isn't someone *else* using this name, right?
GEEK (10:46:15 PM): no , this is john, u may have the wrong im
RYAN (10:46:35 PM): because this was the contact information left to me, and if this is just some joke someone is going to have to answer to this. I don't have enough time to dick around with some 15 year old with too much free time.
GEEK (10:47:11 PM): well, you spent enought time acting like one
RYAN (10:48:04 PM): Listen, I'm willing to be reasonable, but if this is just your wet dream of what to occupy your saturday with, you can bet that I will be double and triple checking my contact information and if I find that you have been wasting my time, there will be repurcussions.
GEEK (10:49:48 PM): you have been wasting your own time, I am not the person that you meant to IM. i have never been on supercars.net. you clearly have the wrong IM
RYAN (10:51:06 PM): I'm going to get back to you, or for you own sake, you should hope I don't have to. I'm tired of this. If you have anything to say, you do *not* want to talk to me after today. I'll refer you to one of my cooler headed colleagues. layochris is his sn. He'll hopefully be a little more forgiving than I am.
RYAN (10:51:11 PM): good day sir

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