In this section, you can learn all about those lovable two that update this site. But you better watch out or you might just end up the next tragic victim. So be yourself!

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent.*

JOSH: Not too much to say, I am here to make people feel dumb and embarassed, and I'm here to make them hate me. It's funny to see someone react to a simple threat or a long conversation full of lies, either way its a way to waste time, you may be the next victim, of our humorous fun, so watch out, and always brush your teeth.

RYAN: What is there to say? My involvement in this site stems from my extreme interest in silly, stupid, goofy-ass people. It seems that online, people will say and do anything. It also has become apparent to me, that many of them should not. There are a healthy dose of good, all natural people on-line; but the majority of them are lacking upstairs. So it with this theory, that I search. And I am not left wanting.

BRUCE: Uh oh.