To all the loyal readers...

We've decided that all our loyal fans deserve something. And since we're too poor to buy you anything, we had Graphics Master Josh cook you up some hot backgrounds. But remember, all our images are Copyright Who Dis, so don't take 'em or we'll make you a victim. : ) Enjoy.

We Care

Who Dis?
#1 of the Punk Themed Backgrounds

I Love Who Dis
#2 of the Punk Themed Backgrounds

The Newest Background
This beauty is really representative of what we're trying to accomplish here at Who Dis. Make it your background and never forget that you're an idiot too. : )

The First Creation
This background was based off the banner on the first page. Josh seems to think that he didn't make it unfuzzy enough. *shrug* I likes it a lot. Have your pic.

This is basically a listing of our discontinued graphics: banners, tags, etc. Just thought I'd put em up for nostalgia's sake.