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Our returning readers will surely recognize this lovable fellow. He's the wonderful little Crypt kid. We have at this point pretty much decided that he's 15. He seems to use that one more than others. Anyway, this was some more fun with him where "JOSH" pretends to be a hermaphrodite hot on our gangster buddy. Anyway, read on and you'll get the idea.

JOSH (8:04:33 PM): Hey
Mo' Fo' (8:04:50 PM): hey 
Mo' Fo' (8:04:51 PM): a/s/l
JOSH (8:05:26 PM): im 15/f/Ca
JOSH (8:05:31 PM): you?
Mo' Fo' (8:05:36 PM): 15/m/ny
Mo' Fo' (8:05:42 PM): how did u get my sn 
JOSH (8:05:58 PM): I searched and i found it
Mo' Fo' (8:06:19 PM): oh do u have a pic
JOSH (8:06:24 PM): of course
Mo' Fo' (8:06:31 PM): can i see
JOSH (8:06:51 PM): sure, let me just find it!
Mo' Fo' (8:06:56 PM): ok thnkx
Mo' Fo' wants to directly connect (8:07:40 PM). 
Mo' Fo' is now directly connected (8:07:44 PM). 
JOSH (8:08:33 PM): we can talk while im looking, unless you have a picture too!:-)
Mo' Fo' (8:08:53 PM): ok
Mo' Fo' (8:09:01 PM): so wat do u like 2 do in your spare time
JOSH (8:09:25 PM): hangout, buy clothes and shoes and oh I swim!:-)
Mo' Fo' (8:09:38 PM): that sound cool
JOSH (8:10:09 PM): what do you do?
Mo' Fo' (8:10:33 PM): i dirtbike bmx and i chill and hangout and drive around
Mo' Fo' (8:11:37 PM): did u find the picture yet ?
JOSH (8:11:40 PM): yes i did!
JOSH (8:11:42 PM): just did!
Mo' Fo' (8:11:48 PM): cool
JOSH (8:12:38 PM): 
Mo' Fo' (8:13:02 PM): your pretty
JOSH (8:13:13 PM): :-*thanks!
JOSH (8:13:54 PM): do you have a picture?
Mo' Fo' (8:14:13 PM): nah sry hun
JOSH (8:14:25 PM): can you describe yourself?
Mo' Fo' (8:15:00 PM): i am 5 6 blonde hair hazel eyes]
JOSH (8:15:29 PM): wow!, you sound nice, anything else you wanna tell me;-)
Mo' Fo' (8:15:50 PM): like wat
JOSH (8:16:02 PM): whats the picture in your info about:-)
Mo' Fo' (8:16:20 PM): oh i like haveing sex becasue it is fun and enjoyable
JOSH (8:16:39 PM): Wow:-)
Mo' Fo' (8:16:43 PM): yea
JOSH (8:16:48 PM): anything else you can tell me about yourself?
Mo' Fo' (8:17:05 PM): i have 6 inch biscepts
JOSH (8:17:16 PM): thats huge
JOSH (8:17:22 PM): :-)
Mo' Fo' (8:17:28 PM): becasue i usually  work out after work\
Mo' Fo' (8:17:33 PM): yea 
Mo' Fo' (8:18:03 PM): and i like rap music
JOSH (8:18:10 PM): thats cool
JOSH (8:18:18 PM): i like tough guys, are you a tough guy?
Mo' Fo' (8:18:51 PM): i dont juge but people say i am
JOSH (8:19:04 PM): what are some tough things you do?
JOSH (8:19:40 PM): ever get in a fight!:-)
Mo' Fo' (8:19:59 PM): yea i love fights
Mo' Fo' (8:21:19 PM): i fought yesterday with 4 kids 
JOSH (8:21:26 PM): Really!?
Mo' Fo' (8:21:30 PM): and i kiked all there asses
Mo' Fo' (8:21:32 PM): yea
JOSH (8:21:35 PM): really?
Mo' Fo' (8:21:39 PM): yea yea 
JOSH (8:21:42 PM): wow you sound strong
Mo' Fo' (8:21:55 PM): i dont think but people say i am
JOSH (8:22:07 PM): yeah your arms are big!
Mo' Fo' (8:22:17 PM): yea they are
JOSH (8:22:37 PM): if i was there i would touch them!
Mo' Fo' (8:22:49 PM): cool 
Mo' Fo' (8:23:03 PM): like all the girl up in my school love touching my arms
JOSH (8:23:11 PM): i can imagine
Mo' Fo' (8:23:26 PM): yup
JOSH (8:23:39 PM): whats the thing in your info?
JOSH (8:23:46 PM): is it an idea number or something?
Mo' Fo' (8:23:46 PM): wat thing
JOSH (8:23:51 PM): those letters
Mo' Fo' (8:24:02 PM): oh thats my brothers code name
JOSH (8:24:10 PM): cool!:-)
JOSH (8:24:15 PM): can i talk to him?
JOSH (8:24:17 PM): :-)
Mo' Fo' (8:24:22 PM): hes dead
JOSH (8:24:25 PM): cool
JOSH (8:24:28 PM): i mean im sorry:-(
Mo' Fo' (8:24:34 PM): thnkxz
JOSH (8:24:47 PM): i dont even know your name!
Mo' Fo' (8:24:53 PM): its ***
Mo' Fo' (8:24:57 PM): wats yas
JOSH (8:25:02 PM): Karen
Mo' Fo' (8:25:10 PM): good name
JOSH (8:25:35 PM): so what are you doing right now!
Mo' Fo' (8:25:53 PM): makeing plans
Mo' Fo' (8:25:59 PM): u
JOSH (8:26:07 PM): talking to you:-)
Mo' Fo' (8:26:20 PM): thats cool 
JOSH (8:27:13 PM): whats cybering?
Mo' Fo' (8:27:37 PM): when people have web sex and they pretend wat they write 2 do
Mo' Fo' (8:27:55 PM): like when i say im rubing your tits u have 2 rub your tits and 

stuff like that
JOSH (8:28:37 PM): what would happen if you said "rub your weiner", would i half to 

do that too?
Mo' Fo' (8:29:00 PM): wat do u mean
JOSH (8:29:18 PM): Like if you asked me to touch my weiner
Mo' Fo' (8:29:27 PM): u have  dick
JOSH (8:29:47 PM): yeah i have been meaning to get it removed, i have pics if you 

wanna see?
Mo' Fo' (8:30:00 PM): bye

P.S.: This conversation actually kept going, but due to the fact that it was *extremely* explicit, we chose to omit it for the time being. If you're really interested, ask one of us if you know us. If you don't, you're outta luck for now. : )

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