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This was just a random conversation about the true meaning of cybering. It's also a good example of the moronic spelling that is plaguing our internet savvy teens.

JOSH (12:17:43 AM): whats cybering?
MORON (12:17:56 AM): when u act lyk u have sex ova tha internet
MORON (12:18:23 AM): so lyk if we sat here n ur lyk im eatin u out then im lyk well im 

givin u head
MORON (12:18:26 AM): thass cyberin
MORON (12:18:53 AM): how old r u?
JOSH (12:18:55 AM): i still dont get it
MORON (12:19:01 AM): hmmm
MORON (12:19:04 AM): u know sex?
JOSH (12:19:10 AM): personally?
MORON (12:19:25 AM): how old r u?
JOSH (12:19:38 AM): 16
MORON (12:19:42 AM): oic
MORON (12:19:44 AM): mmk
JOSH (12:19:54 AM): so its ex over the internet?

MORON (12:19:54 AM): i meant n general
MORON (12:19:59 AM): yea
JOSH (12:20:01 AM): i mean sex
MORON (12:20:01 AM): there ya go
MORON (12:20:03 AM): yea
JOSH (12:20:05 AM): where do i stick it?

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