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The Chipmunk’s diet is a wide variety of food. The Chipmunk’s favorite type of food is nuts, seeds, fruit and berries. Most chipmunks’ food will fall from the tree or a bush and the chipmunk would collect it. If the Chipmunk needs the food he will climb a tree and get what he needs but the chipmunk doesn’t like that method. The chipmunk is carnivorous. It will eat meat, such as slugs, snails, grasshoppers and other insects. It will also known to eat small birds and there eggs, mice and baby snakes. The chipmunk stores food in the winter but they try not store fruit or meat or it will go bad and if they do have those item they try to eat it immediately. The chipmunks like to go to park grounds and except the food that is given to them from the campers, and if the campers are lucky the chipmunks will eat out of there hands.



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