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The color of the Chipmunk varies from yellowish-grey with a dark striped tan. This species lives in Canada. This species likes sage brush deserts, pastures, piney woods, rocky cliffs and open coniferous forests. The chipmunk is Known as the Eutamias minimus. Its average weight is 1-3 ounces. Its calling noise is a high-pitched chipping note, the female chipmunks chirps constantly when its season so they can attract a male chipmunk. The female is pregnant for 32 days. The chipmunk gets pregnant in March and the babies come out in May produce 5-7 baby’s and sometimes have second litter, as soon as there born the mom lets them run around but if the go to far the mom will nip at them. As time goes on the mom would let the chipmunks go further and further until they had to defend themselves. The smaller chipmunks are more active then the older ones, the smaller ones are quick and fast for climbing up tress. The wild chipmunks live under stones, tree trunks and wood piles the have a passage that lead to there nest and there food.













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