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Inactive Members



Inactive Members


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  Inactive members are are that have not been seen in one week unless they tell someone that they won't be able to come on for a period of time. Inactive members will be delete from our member database one week from being marked inactive. Below is a list of inactive members and the date they will be deleted. To request long term absents please e-mail us at

Ownage[TRI]         8/15/05

Thirddiablo[TRI]   8/15/05

Uranus[TRI]     8/15/05

Knight[TRI]   8/15/05

Bladimir28[TRI]   8/15/05

Demonik[TRI]     8/15/05

Nightmare[TRI]     8/15/05

Imdumb[TRI]     8/15/05