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Rank Requirements

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Allies & Enemies



By joining Clan Trinity you agree that you are only in Clan Trinity and no other clan, that you are not a spy for another clan, and that you will follow all of the rules given below.


General Rules:

 1) Be active.

2) Respect all members.

3) You have the right to speak your mind about something as long as it is in a mature manner.(Type One\Type Two)

4) Do not ask for promotions, we will give you one when we think you have deserved it.

5) You must not flame any Clan member because of age, religion, or race. (Type One\Type Three) 

6) Do NOT start clan wars w/o consulting a Clan Leader/Co-leader or the council to discuss the matter and vote on it or else consequences will be taken against you. (Type Four\Type Five) 

7) You have the right to ask to create a new law once found worthy by the leaders. Council will make final decision if law is passed.

8) No one can give out the private clan channel to friends or strangers unless they are  in the clan. otherwise consequences will be put against you.(Type Five)


9) All ranks lower then Council must recruit one member every 2 weeks and all members above council must recruit a member once every 3 weeks.

10) Show up for meetings

11) If another clan member breaks some sort of rule, write down the date and time if it happens in the channel or if it's in a game take a screen shot or save the replay and send it to anyone in the council and/or Leaders.

Council Members:

1) Promote members as they see fit (You MUST consult a Leader before promoting a member into the council)

2) Enforce ALL rules in a manner that is in the best interest of the clan.

3) Kick or ban members from the channel as necessary in a manner that is in the best interest of the clan.

4) Answer questions as much as possible before referring people to the Leaders. 

5) For a rule to be passed 8 of the 14 points must be in favor of the rule. (Round Down to the nearest whole number.

6) High Council Members Vote Counts as 1.8 points and a Council Members vote counts as 1 point.

7)In the event of a conflict regarding the interpretation of clan rules or of something not stated in the rules, a meeting of the entire council will be held. After all present parties are satisfied that the issue has been thoroughly discussed, the High Council will vote on the interpretation; it must pass by a two thirds (Round Down) majority vote.



1) When recruiting bring the recruit to channel op IX[TRI]XI  after they have proved them self worthy of being in the clan.

2) Tell them to make a new name ending in [TRI] and then to copy your profile and to make there rank recruit and to put your name as recruited by. (Type One\Type Two)

3) Make sure they know the rules! (Type One\Type Two)

4)Add them to the main channel's bot by typing in " `add username 2 s " I will later make it 20. (Type One\Type Two)


`add Hunter[TRI2] 2 s

5) E-mail Hunter[TRI2] the new recruits name by typing in " `mail Hunter[TRI2] (username of the new person)"(Type One\Type Two)


`mail Hunter[TRI2] I have recruited Hunter[TRI2]


Clan Meetings:

1) Respect who is talking, don't talk when they are.(Type One\Type Two)




1)Type one - Verbal warning

2) Type Two -

A) Frist- Kick

B) Second-  Kick

C) Third- Ban (1 HR.)  

3) Type three - Immediate ban (1 HR) 

4) Type four - Demotion

5) Type five - Removal from clan