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Reno Entrepreneurial Development Institute
Hutchinson, Kansas

Juniors and Seniors from Reno County high schools can experience a truly unique learning experience. Students participate in interactive modes of instruction, collaboration and learning focused on integration of academic and applied entrepreneurial studies and skills.

REDI students encounter entrepreneurial opportunities and careers, develop leadership qualities, people skills, management and planning abilities and personal characteristics such as self-confidence, a positive attitude and adaptability.

Students have access to high level equipment in an environment that encourages students to expand their horizons. REDI students develop understanding and skills that will help them be successful in our global and ever-changing world. REDI's mission is to prepare students for the world of work, post-secondary opportunities and the critical ability to be a life-long learner.

How is REDI organized?

  • Students choose between an AM or PM class. AM class runs from 8-11 a.m. PM class 1-4 p.m.

  • Classes run Monday thru Friday

  • College credit is offered through Hutchinson Community College. College credit is encouraged but not required for the REDI program.
    - Introduction to Business: 3 Credit Hours
    - Small Business Management: 3 Credit Hours

How can you become a student at REDI?

Students are admitted on the following criteria:

  • Student ability to handle the environment
  • Academic prep
  • Local school recommendation
  • Career goals
  • Evidence of school attendance, self-motivation and perseverance
  • Interest and desire to learn

See your school counselor for more information or call David Patterson at 620.662.6372.


REDI is Located at the Quest Center for Entrepreneurs
1 East 9th, Hutchinson, Kansas 620.662.6372/Fax 620.662.7340




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