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The Gangster Times

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No More Latini

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The early Morning of Friday the 19 turned out to be a huge one. Don Latini and his family we no more.  No guild, no accounts. Early reports from the Don's Vinchenso and Salieri suggested that Latini had been hacked but they later announced that the newest Don to the arena had left for good. This is still unclear why the choice was made but the  below the empty ware house that was once Latinis Godfather did make his statement "we believe that James Latini will not return and that our only choice is to disregard all trades that was being pursued with him are left alone"  We are assured by Don Vinchenso that the Latini problem had nothing to do with our connections to the Salieri family and that the mob investigations will be closed.

Missing 20K   The News that a sum of money was missing from the Family accounts broke yesterday afternoon.                It has been reported that one of the secret money holds containing 20,000NP was frozen or hacked but someone unknown.  The Vinchenso family council was quick to announce that problem will be dealt with soon. " we will not only find the people responsible but we will make sure they don't appear again"  Said Don_vinchenso A check of the remaining account was made and all money has been moved again safely.

Give Away.

This weeks give away is a race to riches scratch card. to enter buy something from the donation shop

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