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The Gangster Times

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18axe18's shop

little odds and ends!.

    to advertise shop neomail Don_vinchenso. 

(250 Np per rectangle 10,000 for a hole page in colour)


Oath of The Vinchenso's.

Vinchenso Means power, money, respect.

All Vinchenso must remain loyal to Their godfather and council at all times. Vinchensos are Required to donate to the family and follow the family's orders.

To live for the Mafia, to die for the mafia


 which mafia boss quoted "Vote early and vote often."

prise = 2,000Np


 the buyer never uses and the user never sees

neomail answer to don_vinchenso P= codestone


get an article in the neotimes about the Vinchenso family and win 10,000NP