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1ère Bac. Sc. => Tests => Reading & Writing => November 2014 => 55 minutes.

~ Reading Test ~

           Yoko, the Japanese History student, is in Osaka now. She has just come back from Morocco where she spent two weeks. While she was there, she travelled to many different parts of the country.

           She started her trip in Rabat where she enjoyed visiting lots of historic monuments such as Shalla, Loudaya and Hassan Tower. These three are the most important memorials of Rabat. Then, she took the train to Casa where she visited Morocco-Mall and other places, but she quickly left it for Marrakech because it looked crowded, noisy and polluted for her.

           In Marrakech she stayed a longer time because she loved it a lot. She visited the Badia Castle, Koutoubia, Menara and Saadiyin Tombs, but she spent most of her time in Jamae Lafna Square where she took some awesome photos. She also toured the city by coach. She wanted to spend a night in Al Mamounia, but it was very expensive for her. She was so much crazy about the Moroccan culture that she decided to go back the next summer holiday./.

skyscrapers* : ناطحات السحاب



            A.     Answer these questions                 [ 4 pts ]

  1. What is Yoko, and what nationality is she?

  2. What did she like about Rabat?

  3. How did she go to Casa?

  4. What did she do in Jamae Lafna Square?

            B.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify                  [ 4 pts ]

  1. Yoko liked Casa very much.

  2. She stayed a longer time in Marrakech.

  3. She spent one night in Al Mamounia Hotel.

  4. Yoko enjoyed the Moroccan culture.

            C.    Complete the sentences with one word from the text.                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. Yoko studies
  2. Yoko lives in

            D.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. " there " (paragraph 1, line 2)  
  2. " she " (paragraph 2, line 2))  
  3. " it " (paragraph 2, line 3)  
  4. " the city " (paragraph 3, line 3)  

            E.    Find in the text words or phrases which mean the same as.                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. " for example " [paragraph 2]  

  2. " after that " [paragraph 2]

  3. " beautiful " [paragraph 3]  

  4. " vacation " [paragraph 3]

II.     WRITING   

            Write a paragraph about what you did last Sunday?              [ 5 pts ]

Recount Writing Sample

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