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Recount Writing Sample

I'm recounting what I did last Friday

         Last Friday was a very special day for me because it was my sister's wedding party. I got up as early as I could. First I washed my hands and face very quickly and rushed to the kitchen to have something to eat. My lovely mother had already prepared breakfast, so I hastily had some bread and butter and a cup or so of coffee before I hurried to the living room where my sister was getting ready for the ceremony. She looked awesome in her white wedding dress.

         I helped at organizing the party. I took the unwanted furniture out of the banquet room. Then I cleaned the carpets and set the tables. Finally, I was obliged to chase away two disturbing hard-headed flies which insisted on attending the party despite the fact that nobody had invited them, as far as I knew. It took me a pretty long while to get rid of them both. It was my duty to take care of every detail for the success of this extraordinary occasion. The task was a little exhausting, but it was fun.

         Immediately after the Friday prayer, the guests enjoyed the delicious ceremony meals and went away very satisfied and pleased. They even kept praying for the married couple and for my hospitable generous father, until very late in the afternoon. I thought they were doing that on purpose to stay for the ceremonial "Henna" dinner, too.

         Very late that night, the newly married couple got on the decorated car, waved us goodbye and drove away. The family was exceptionally excited that day, my mother cried out of joy, and so did my siblings and I, but my elder brother, Talal, didn't. He couldn't tolerate our sister's bridegroom. He said that the guy was arrogant, snobbish and annoying. Yet, no one else shared his opinion in the poor man. As for me, he was kind and caring.

         Anyway, since everything went perfectly well as intended, we all, including brother Talal of course, had to wish the bride and the groom a happy new couple life full of love and prosperity. I will certainly miss my nagging sister's pranks a lot, but ... what would one say or do?! Such is life!

M. Abdessalami

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