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1ère Bac. Sc. => Tests => Reading & Writing => November 2014 => 55 minutes.

~ Reading Test ~

           Simo is a 7 year-old Moroccan boy, but he lives with his parents in Montpellier. Last summer holiday the whole family made a tour in Morocco. Simo enjoyed the trip a lot and wrote in his diary.

           "My last holiday was great. We visited many places in the South-East of Morocco, Errachidia, Erfoud, Merzouga, Rissani, Tinejdad, Tinghir and Ouarzazate, but I liked Merzouga best. It was really special. I was excited to be there, and so were my siblings. It was hot but Ok. I saw palm-trees for the first time in my life, and I climbed some of them. I also took some photos on a camel's back. The sand dunes were as huge as mountains. They were fantastic. I loved the view of the sunset*, and I filmed it on my sister's iPhone.

           Back to Montpellier in September, I showed the photos and the videos to my classmates, and they were amazed. Many of them think Morocco is lovely and desire to visit it some time in the near future. I advised them to go there in the autumn, because the weather is nice and cool."

sunset* : غروب الشمس



            A.     Answer these questions                 [ 4 pts ]

  1. How old is Simo, and where is he from?

  2. Where does he live?

  3. Where did he spend his last summer holiday?

  4. What did he do at school?

            B.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify                  [ 4 pts ]

  1. Simo enjoyed his last holiday a lot.

  2. His brothers and sisters were excited to visit Merzouga.

  3. Simo has got an iPhone.

  4. Simo's classmates loved his photos a lot.

            C.    Complete the sentences with one word from the text.                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. Simo compared the sand dunes to
  2. Simo thinks the best time to visit Morocco is the

            D.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. " his " (paragraph 1, line 2)  
  2. " they " (paragraph 2, line 5))  
  3. " it " (paragraph 2, line 5)  
  4. " them " (paragraph 3, line 3)  

            E.    Find in the text words or phrases which mean the same as.                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. " all " [paragraph 1]  

  2. " particular " [paragraph 2]

  3. " very big " [paragraph 2]  

  4. " beautiful " [paragraph 3]

II.     WRITING   

            Write a paragraph about what you did yesterday?              [ 5 pts ]

These questions may help you


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