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Rapids FC News

October 23, 2002

Rapids Colorado and Atlas game has been cancelled. Atlas decided that it did not fit into their schedule. if you bought tickets to the game, then you can have them refunded. for more info on this, go to

October 15, 2002

Rapids Colorado VS. Club Deportivo Atlas de Guadalajara A.C.

When:30 October, 2002

Where:Mile High Stadium

the Rapids play Atlas in an exhibition match this month. it you want to come out for this and join my brother and i, then you're more than welcome. we aren't going to be in section 126 where we usually are this time. we are trying something different. we're going to go to the north/west side OR maybe the north/east side, and put up all of our banners that we possibly have. but you can buy tickets at the stadium, tickets are $25 each. little steep i think, but whatever. look for us in the stadium, you can't miss us. Pirate flag, USA flag, Colorado flag, Checkered flag and Bob Marley will be hanging over the railing. also, i've put up some new links. mainly Ajax links, and i'm going to put up links from Belgium, Israel, Italy and probably Sweden. so check those out. some good stuff from those groups.

23 July, 2002

i've put up some new links, Ajax mainly and some other Netherlands links. i'm getting more, so the page will be getting fuller by the end of the week. the Rapids play tomorrow in New England. Hopefuly they'll win (of course they will). apparently the Revolution are missing a couple defenders. so i suppose Hankinson could throw anyone out on the field, even me, and we could beat them. so good luck to our boys in green! cheers

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