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Join us

who are the GVPV? the GVPV are the Green Vespas Por Vida. the name came from the fact that it sounds cool. and that Vespa (which means wasp in Italian) is what i called some of the Rapids players in a joke. i also got the word from my love of Italian scooters. the Por Vida comes from the fact that it just sounds cool, and it means For Ever in Spanish. Green obviously comes from the Rapids color. although the Rapids have changed their colors to Black and Blue, traditionaly, most all Rapids fans that have been here before will have Green and White forever. Green and white will always be our colors.

who are the Tifo Supporters?the Tifo supporters are the GVPV. all of the GVPV members participate in Tifo action. Tifo can only work if everyone works together. for those of you that don't know what Tifo is, Tifo is Torcida International Fans Orginization. for information on Torcida, go to Croatia fan Scene. Tifo is where the fans support the team with lots of banners, fire works, pyro technics, flags, and just frantic support...

how to join:come to the games. it cost nothing to join the GVPV or the Tifo Supporters. if you're in GVPV then you are involved in Tifo. you have nothing to pay for, except the tickets to the games that you go to. buy the cheapest tickets...that's what i used to do before i got season tickets.

where we're located inside the stadium: X - Side. the name x-side comes from the fact that we don't have a designated section. we usually are located on the north side somewhere, North/East or North/West. the best way to find us is to look for the Jolly Roger banner that says Go Rapids on it. you can also look for the Green and White checkered flag, Bob Marley banner, Israel flag, and sometimes we have the USA and Colorado flag there.

some photos of Tifo action from around Europe.

this is Bari of Italy. i love this photo...

Roma! awesome photo.

Roma again


Barcelona pyrotechnics

these photos were taken from the Ultras Frankfurt in Germany...