Venues to Date your Frum Shidduch Date from!
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Below is a list of Shadchanim, bear in mind that not all of the below are "professional shadchanim" but are people just like you and me who like to help out our fellow Jews,so please pay attention to the notes and call only when appropriate.

If you are/know someone who is a reputable Shadchan and would like to be added to the list let us know at

Monsey shadchanim
Mrs. Barbara Fischer 425-2785 6 Hilltop Place Call: 8am 10pm. knows mostly Yeshivish and over 26. all the 21-23 year olds that she knows are female; also works with divorced
Rbtzn Goldwurm 356-8996 1 Meadow Lane works with Netzach Yisroel; hard to reach, but keep trying; W:212-422-1110
Mrs. Chaya Gradman 425-2740 71 Decataur prefers BTs hat have been frum for at east 5 years; men who work and learn at night are ok; age mostly rom 20s to 30s; singles that she tries to help must trust her judgement.
Mrs. Chana Greenblatt 356-7580   tries to help all; mostly ages 26 - 35. member of L'chaim and Monsey Connection shadchan groups; has some Sephardic men, but very few Sephardic ladies for them; has many mid 30s female BTs.
Mrs. Rifka Greenfeld 425-8641 34 Jill Lane Call 10am - :30pm then 9:30pm - 0:30pm; knows mostly Israelis, BTs, and Israeli BTs
Mrs. Shoshana Greenwald 425-8833 2 Sylvan Place made over 150 shidduchim; very busy; call evenings 7-9pm
Mrs. Beverly Gross 352-0373 2 Bartlett Court heads up Monsey Connection"
Mrs. Florence Hammer 352-5784 7 Kuperman Lane call -10am; only makes singles vents
Mrs. Chaya Kaplan 425-8681 11 Ceder Lane works mostly with BTs; linked with computerized network
Mr. Abe Scharf 425-8382 8 Tokai Lane call for more details
Mrs. Mirriam Schiffer 425-0472 84 College Road requires personal interview
Mrs. Esther Schwed 425-9886 8 Valencia knows many people; active; good to con tact
Rabbi/Mrs. Zorach Shapiro 425-3532 5 Route 306 asks for personal interview
Mrs. Chani Weinberg 354-5462 11 Cortland  
Mrs. Bluma Zeitchik 381-0464   semi active; insists on people taking Tay-Sachs test
Rabbi Tzvi Schachtel (845) 426-0854 website   Director of the New York office of Neve Yerushalayim, is very active in making shidduchim. He works with men and women, ages 20 to 60+, both FFBb,charges an upfront fee of $180
Manhattan/Washington Heights Shadchanim
Name Phone (212) Address Notes
Mrs. Bachrach 928-8833   No charge; most girls she knows re late 20s to 30s; men he knows are same age range
Rabbi Kasnett 213-3100   office number
NYC Organizations
Name Phone (212) Address Notes
Hineni, Inc. 496-1660 232 West End venue Sunday/Thursday Evenings meet/mingle sessions; for older singles
Rbtzn Jungreis, Ruth Kettler      
Lincoln Square Synagogue 874-6105 200 Amsterdam venue for Shabbos hospitality all 212-874-6105 after 10am Monday;
Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald     can be hard to reach; better: to meet him in person
Ohev Shalom Synagogue 877-5850 270 West 84th Street 212-721-1768 for current events
Rabbi Yaakov Schwartz      
Ohev Tzeddek Synagogue 749-5150 118 West 95th Street takes appointments in afternoon; but MUST make appt
Rabbi Alan Schwartz      
OU Marriage Bureau 563-4000 x153 333 7th Avenue 18th l $100 one time reg registration fee; leave a message
Leah Kalish, Chana Cohen      
Spanish/Portuguese Shul 873-0300 8 West 70th street  
Boro Park/Flatbush Shadchanim
Name Phone (718) Address Notes
Mrs. Esther Bader 633-5854   Deals primarily with BTs; art time, only meets at Shabbos lunch table; no phone interviews
Rabbi Buchinger 387-3772   all kinds and ages; also, try calling 384-6767
Mrs. Braun 253-8558   organizes/conducts singles events
Mrs. David 435-2179   deals with all kinds; call 8-10pm; must meet in person
Mrs. Edna Davis 377-0921   Deals primarily with young yeshivish FFBs; but also ll kinds in 30-40s
Mrs. Eichenthal 633-4440/1 1615 47th Avenue Some BTs; very successful and very busy; keep trying; call for Shabbos
Rabbi Fleisher 851-1632 1742 48th Street Mostly yeshivish Torah Vodass and chasidish types; some Modern Orthodox
Mrs. Fogel 377-4447   Primarily divorced 35-49; but some early 20s
Mr. Heshie Friedman 853-5455 1367 57th Street Primarily /semi-yeshivish over 25 types; but can't help divorced women w/more than one child
Mrs. Chani Hollander 256-9676   personal interview; nows all kinds; call early or mid evening only; can only return local calls
Mrs. Linda Kinselberg 698-7456   works with Mrs. Novick; both know many people, or charge, ages 18-25; BTs/FFBs
Mrs. Kirzner 234-9370   only working with FFBs please do not call till after January 1996
Mrs. Tzivia Klein 692-1704   The better she knows you, he more successful she is
Mrs. Libby Leiberman 645-2298   please send her written information; must have references; "shortage of men"
Mrs. Lobel 436-3962 1721 17th Ave/48th St. requests personal interview; primarily deals with 30s/40s
Dr. Aaron Mandel 998-5822   Organizes events for singles offers personal coaching or singles; call 9 - 10pm;
Mrs. Max 252-5524 1524 E 22nd (o/p) 11210 very successful; mostly FFBs, but some BTs; call for details
Mrs. Rifka Nachmias 627-1205 1750 Ocean pkwy bklyn 1223 call for details
Mrs. Alice Novick 761-3702   knows many people; no charge; ages 25-35; BTs/FFBs; works with Mrs. Kinselburg
Rbtzn Rokeach 436-4067   works with BTs
Rabbi Yitzchak Rodumin 382-5610   Mostly BTs; does outreach; work:212-363-2977 between 12:30-1:30pm
Mrs. Schwartz 851-1075   involved with "Kesher"; deals primarily with 30-40.
Mrs. Siegel 377-0319 942 East 29th Street knows many people; she is Israeli; husband is Rebbe at South Shore; call for Shabbos
Rabbi Yidl Stein 212-330-6992   call voice mail (located in Manhattan); no charge; all types and ages; very involved
Shimshon Stock 774-5270   works with working types
Mrs. Weinberg 331-0824   Mostly older BTs; has varied and mixed Shabbos table; all for information
Mrs. Maureen Weiner 854-1620 1178 44th Street 1219 Deals with all kinds; no ee; also works with disabled singles
Mrs. Wininger 851-9276 22 Webster Avenue, Apt 1F Deals primarily with Agudah people in 30s
Queens/Forest Hills Shadchanim
Name Phone (718) Address Notes
Mrs. Beneich 261-8100   best to reach Mondays/Wednesdays 0am - 1pm
Mrs. Tammy Belitsky 261-6655   very willing to help, but ot full time;
Mrs. Tammy Bryk 217-4649   knows many people: all kinds, ll ages; associated with Young Israel
Mrs. Chavi Berson 805-4513   ONLY meets people at shabbos table; NO phone interviews;
Mrs. Lillian Levmore 261-4311 7031 108th St., apt E requires: photo/references /meet in person; has modern women in 30s; men 30-49
Mrs. Aliza Raskin 269-8238 138-51 77th Ave Flush, 1367 Mid to right; must meet in person; mostly people in 30s; has get togethers with even ratios
Rbtzn Rosenblatt 441-7911   has mostly male BTs; her educated yeshivish females re doctors and lawyers
Mrs. Schoenfeld 544-1040 70-41 153rd St. only late 0s/30s; must meet in person
Rick & Miriam Shields 544-4036 141-11 70th Ave knows any types of people; call or Shabbos
Mrs. Lori Waxman 575-4048 136-53 72nd Ave Kew Gardens  
Mrs. Wertenteil 263-4743 144-36 76th Ave knows all kinds 23-50; meet in person; requires references;
Mrs. Basi Wolff 805-2132 84-38 116th Street Only a little bit involved; best to all between 3 - 4pm; knows mostly American Yeshivish and regular Orthodox.
Staten Island Shadchanim
Name Phone (718) Address Notes
Mrs. Lydia Krauss 761-2972   very involved
Mrs. Rochel Markovitz 698-9380   all kinds; requires photograph
Mrs. Rotenstein 494-5465   knows all kinds, but only involved part time
Far Rockaway Shadchanim
Name Phone (718) Address Notes
Mrs. Beckhoffer 868-3968   mostly yeshivish 18-38; limited others: Russian Modern/Sephardim
Mrs. Leah Hellman 868-0012   knows many men, college educated, American, 30-40s, light wing
Mrs. Klahr 471-2119   runs "Delux Group"
Mrs. Pessie Schrieber 471-5132   only involved part time, but must meet in person
Mrs. Eva Weis 471-6568   knows girls over 25; works with Delux Group
New Jersey Shadchanim
Name Phone (201) Address Notes
Mrs. L. Dvir 794-3174   all ages,specializing in Israeli and older couples of all kinds; no charge,very successful shadchan has made many shidduchim worldwide
Mrs. Lara Shulman 473-5320   all ages, kinds; no charge
Lakewood Shadchanim
Name Phone (908) Address Notes
Mrs. Abraham 363-6016 1465 Walden Ave all ages; many types: yeshivish, chasidish, BTs, divorced, MO
Mrs. Fishman 330-2273    
Mrs. Heisler 363-1724   works in kiruv; mostly BTs 0-50s
Mrs. Kranz 363-3921   call 7:30pm - 10:45pm; successful or 20+ with people who follow her specific guidelines; references must be recent and are checked carefully; her fee goes to tzedakah; mostly yeshivish, chasidish and Young Israel; tries to help all including BTs, Russians, Sephardim, handicapped; isn't working with people who mixed swim or mixed dance.
Mrs. Krasnee 363-8983   mostly 30s, BTs, or previously married
Mr. Moshe Schwarzblatt 363-2596   Primarily refers callers to others who can help
Yitzchak Shaingarten 363-2613   requires personal interview; knows lots of people
Baltimore Shadchanim
Name Phone (410) Address Notes
Mrs. Flieshman 358-6750 484-5338   must meet in person; also knows other shadchanim
Mrs. Gottesman 764-7913 6607 Western Run  
Rabbi/Mrs. Hershewitz 486-6455   both teach in yeshiva; only involved part time
Rbtzn Katz 358-5433   only meets with people in person
Mrs. Margie Pensak 358-2890 6008 Baywood venue successful; call for details
Rabbi Porter 764-1553   works with Etz Chaim
Mrs. Shochet 358-7035 3923 Labrynth call 9-10pm; needs references; mostly helps: 5-35 men with college and still learning and widows over 50+
Mrs. Ruthie Stein 764-8313 6232 Berkley St. mostly helps young, but tries to help all
Mrs. Zachuto 358-8091 3424 Ludgate involved part time, but tries to help whoever alls
Chicago Shadchanim
Name Phone Address Notes
Mrs. Adler 312-539-0904 3555 West Peterson "Simcha Link"; no charge; hrs: Sun/Tue/Thur mornings; Mon/Wed evenings; supported by Chicago, IL 60659 chesed fund; mail SASE to receive application
Mrs. Turtletaub 708-675-3335 8914 N. Central Park works with@ 30+; requires references & photo & application; can only return calls collect; Evanston, IL 60203 organizes shabbatonim; has access to east and west coasts
Toronto Shadchanim
Name Phone (416) Address Notes
Rabbi Albert Engel 789-5882    
Rabbi Feigenbaum 781-5979   involved part time
Mrs. Evelyn Grubner 789-9419   cannot return long distance call; probably get answering machine
Mrs. Tammy Jankowski 633-2479    
Los Angeles Shadchanim
Name Phone (908) Address Notes
?(organization) 800-747-8067   Women 36 and older are looking for orthodox men 40 and over; date up to 5 LA women in one weekend; free hospitality; accommodations provided; no fee.
Israeli Shadchanim
Name Phone (908) Address Notes
Mrs. Rothchild 561-8628 Jerusalem  
Allison Fried 533-2279 Tel-Stone  
Shulamit Charlop 570-0856 Tel-Stone  
Shirley Weiner 561-1763 Har Nof  
Elisheva Nadler 651-8945 Har Nof  
Shashana Wachshaw 651-8902 Har Nof