e all know you that orthodox Jewish dating, unlike its secular counterpart, is not for recreational purposes.  Its purpose is to meet that special person who you find pleasing and who has good middos, and with whom you share the same goals and interests.


To use this page you must be Frum.  You must be Shomer Shabbos and keep kosher both inside your home and out.  You should also intend to follow the Taharas Hamishpachah after.  In short, you must be committed to Judaism, and your commitment must not merely be to ritual observance, but to practicing all Mitzvos..All those who we deem not to be Frum will be removed from this page..

This will enable us to provide you to find a potential Bashert who has the same values and goals as you.


The best way to meet your Bashert is through an introduction by family or  friends, who hopefully have done a good job of screening to see if both of you are potentially compatible. 300 years and more ago, it was a big thing to go communicate. One had to use horse and buggies, or walk, and it took a long time.100 years ago we had cars and trains, but still, to correspond with someone in a different city or town was still mainly by mail.  Now, Baruch Hashem, we have the availability of phones..... and the internet. However since it's onset, the Frum world has looked down upon the internet.It has become a necessary evil..Helpful in business and trade

When it comes to "online relationships" many people have heard stories about two people meeting, and after things seem to be going well, one of the people finds out the other person is not who they said they were..Although this happens just as often if not more with traditional dating it is much easier for someone to create a fake persona online.

This is why we have made it our mission to create a more wholesome alternative to "online dating"..A forum where you are exposed exclusively to people who are marriage minded and in the same ball park as you.This alternative is to be used in conjuction with traditional methods,such as family introductions and Shadchanim.

In addition, our forum of Matchmakers can make themselves available to you and act as a "go between" if you prefer.


Even when people meet "Frum" people unfortunately, there are always people who hide who they really are.  But, with just a couple of pointers, most mishaps can be avoided.

When you find someone who might interest you, we suggest E-mailing each other for a period of about two weeks. Try to be as "real" as conduct you on-line communication the same way you would speaking face to face..In a mature manner.

Beware of those who get to close to you and profess strong feelings for you before you have met face to face...Keep your conversations short and to the point..Your initial conversations should be just to asceratin if you have enough in common to consider meeting.Let us remember that unlike secular dating..where the means of getting close to one another is by physical contact etc, In Frum dating talking with one another is as intimate as it gets..This is why one should be wary of prolonged "intimate" chats before meeting the person.

Once you have found someone who matches you, we suggest you obtain reliable references.  When you initially meet we reccommend you do so in a pleasant neutral setting such as a kosher restaurant or some other sort of public area.

A final note on this matter,In truth no matter how you meet people whether it's in real life-shidduchim or online you run a risk,my advice to you is trust and go with your instincts.  They are usually correct.

May Hashem grant you success and fulfillment in your search for your bashert..If things work out and you meet your bashert through our service, we ask you to let us know so that we can schep some nachas in your happiness:) optionally if find your bashert throught our service we ask you to make a contribution commensurate with your means. This traditional "shadchanus gelt" will help us defray costs and continue the mitzvah of helping other Jewish singles find their bashert.