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Chosonminhang (CAAK) was the only state-owned airline of DPRK. It was founded in 1954, just after the Korean war, by the DPRK government. "Chosonminhang" means "Korean Airlines" in Korean. It was renamed as AIR KORYO in 1993. For more information of AIR KORYO, please visit topic 2: Air Koryo : The gateway to DPRK.

This Tupolev TU-154-B safety card is one of the latest version published by Chosonminhang, before renaming as AIR KORYO. It is in tri-fold style. Although called as safety "card", it was only printed on about 80 gms plastic-coated paper, not cardboard.

Multi colour printing is applied on the front cover. The background is in light green colour. A colourful picture of a Chosonminhang airplane uptaking is located in the middle while the Chosonminhang logo is located at the top. Characters "TU-154B" are just above the picture of airplane, telling the passengers which airplane model they are riding on. Three languages, Korean, English & Russian, are featured in this safety card.

Size: 20.5 (L) X 10.7 (W) mm

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