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Izzy710's Island

Welcome, to Izzy710's Island. This island was discovered on 3/17/01 by Blaide. Blaide was inspired by a friend of his on another island called Patamon410, and set off to create the perfect site. He gatherd information on one soul, and found information, and data about him. He put together a sanctuary to him, and thus the island grew. It began forming branches off the island, and then he created different sectors on the island. Thus, the complete island began to grow.

Please have a look around. Everything is open, and more attractions coming soon. You'll find that some sections aren't full yet, those are under construction, so please just look at what is available right now!

We have 204 hits, but no one e-mailed me asking for a kiribian! So, I will the kiribian marks here cause maybe none of you saw it way down there. Whoever the 300th person is, please e-mail me, and in the e-mail put your request! Thanks! ::looks at the izzy and mimi pic:: My scanner reeeeeally sucks! >.


Izzy and Tentomon







About Blaide




//Izzy and Tentomon\\

I'm a Koushiro fanatic!

falling in love >> Izzy & Mimi


E-mail Me

Ok everyone, the next kiribian hit will be at 200, so whoever the 300th person is, e-mail me and put your request in the e-mail as well! It'll go on the front page! (I've changed the hits to every 100, because it's too hard with every 50! Sorry!)

Look, see that? That's a disclaimer. That's the thing that says 'YOU CAN'T SUE ME!!!'
Disclaimer: I dun own Digimon, or wish to. This site be for meh, and entertainment, yadayadayada. So you can't sue meh! Cause you won't get noffin! Not even ~^*.Poof!.*^~ Ok you might get Poof, but that's all! O.O!