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TM 01: Mega Punch Mega Punch is a fairly average move. It's a good move when you first find it but later in the game you get stronger attacks. I would recommend this attack for Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff. Mega Punch is found in Mt. Moon.

TM 02: Razor Wind Razor Wind is a good move, but you can only teach it to flying pokémon. You can get Razor Wind in Celadon Pokémon Mart.

TM 03: Swords Dance Swords Dance is a great move for offensive pokémon. I would recommend giving this move to Hitmonlee or Hitmochan. You get Swords Dance in Silth Co.

TM 04: Whirl Wind Whirl Wind blows the other pokémon away. It does almost the same thing as running away. You get Whirl Wind in route 4.

TM 05: Mega Kick Mega Kick is a move that should be taught to fighting pokémon. It has low PP. You get Mega Kick in Victory Road.

TM 06: Toxic Toxic is a fairly good move. It works on most pokémon and works well on other pokémon. You get Toxic from Fushia City's Gym Leader.

TM 07: Horn Drill Horn Drill is a good move. My advice would be to give it to Beedrill. You can get Horn Drill at Celadon Pokémart.

TM 08: Body Slam Body Slam is a good move. It has average PP and high power. It can paralyze your opponent. You get Body Slam on S.S. Anne.

TM 09: Take Down This is a fairly average move. It works best on High-HP pokémon. You get Take Down at Saffaron City.

TM 10: Double Edge Double Edge is the same as Take Down but a little bit stronger. You get Double Edge at the Game Corner.

TM 11: Bubble Beam Bubble Beam is a good water move in the beginning but as you get farther in the game you get better moves like Surf and Hydra Pump. You get Bubble Beam at the Cerulean City Gym.

TM 12: Water Gun Water Gun is a good move in the beginnng but then you get better moves. You can get Water Gun at Mt. Moon.

TM 13: Ice Beam Ice Beam has good strength. It has moderate PP and the ability to freeze. It is super effective against 5 types. You can get Ice Beam at Celadon Pokémart.

TM 14: Blizzard Blizzard is the same as Ice Beam exept stronger. The only problem is that it has low PP. You get Blizzard on Cinnaber Island.

TM 15: Hyper Beam Hyper Beam is a super strong move. I suggest to give it to a pokémon you use a lot. You get Hyper Beam in Celadon City.

TM 16: Pay Day Pay Day gives you money but it is not that strong of a move. I suggest you give this move to Meowth or Persian. You get Pay Day at route 12.

TM 17: Submission Submission is a lot like Take Down. It does almost the same thing as Take Down. You get Submission on Victory Road.

TM 18: Counter Counter is a fairly average move. You can get Counter at Celadon City Pokémart.

TM 19: Seismic Toss Seismic Toss does the same amount of damage as the level, the pokémon that has it has. I suggest to give it to a fighting pokémon. You get Seismic Toss on route 25.

TM 20: Rage You get Rage on route 15.

TM 21: Mega Drain Mega Drain does double the damage that absorb does. You should give it to a grass-type pokémon. You can get Mega Drain in Celadon City Gym.

TM 22: Solar Beam You get Solar Beam on Cinnaber Island.

TM 23: Dragon Rage Dragon Rage always does forty damage. Give to a dragon-type pokémon. You get Dragon Rage in Celadon City.

TM 24: Thunderbolt Thunderbolt is a pretty good move. Give it to an electric-type pokémon. You get Thunder Bolt from Lt. Surge in Vermillion City Gym after you defeat him.

TM 25: Thunder Thunder is like Thunderbolt but a lot more effective. You can get Thunder from the Power Plant.

TM 26: Earthquake Earthquake is a strong move. You should give it to a fighting pokémon. This move is effective to quite a few different types of pokémon. You get Earthquake from Silth Co.

TM 27: Fissure Fissure is very simular to Horn Drill. You get Fissure at Viridian city.

TM 28: Dig Dig allows you to avoid an attack and it hits pretty good too. Dig is found in Cerulean City.

TM 29: Psychic Psychic is a very powerful attack. You should give it to a psychic pokémon. Psychic is found in Saffron City.

TM 30: Teleport Teleport lets you run away from battle. It always teleports you to a pokémon center. You should give it to a psychic pokémon. Teleport is found on route 9.

TM 31: Mimic This move is strange. It causes weird things to happen in battle. I recommend teaching this move to Mr. Mime. Copycat, in Saffron City, gives you this move after you give her a pokédoll.

TM 32: Double Team Double Team makes your evade go up. Double Team is found in Fushia City.

TM 33: Reflect Reflect is a good defensive move. Reflect can be found in the Power Plant.

TM 34: Bide Bide attacks your opponents pokémon and prevents them from attacking while you are using it. Bide is given to you by Brock in Pewter City Gym when you defeat him.

TM 35: Metromone Metromone is a good move with high HP. Metramone is found on Cinnaber Island.

TM 36: Selfdestruct Self-Destruct faints your own pokémon and hurts or faints your opponents pokémon. This attack works well with Geodude. Self- Destruct is found in Silph Co.

TM 37: Egg Bomb Egg Bomb is a good battle move. It works well on Exeggute, Exeggutor, or Chansey. Egg Bomb is found in Fushia City.

TM 38: Fire Blast Fire Blast is a great move. You should give it to a fire pokémon you use a lot. Fire Blast is found in Cinnaber Gym.

TM 39: Swift Swift is a lot like Quick Attack except stronger. It almost always hits. Swift is found in the route 12 lookout.

TM 40: Skull Bash Skull Bash is a good attack move and its a great move to teach Cubone or Marowak. Skull Bash is found in the Safari Zone.

TM 41: Soft Boiled Soft Boiled may only be taught to Chansey. Outside of battle, it can heal any of your pokémon. Inside battle, you can heal your Chansey. Soft Boiled is found in Celadon City.

TM 42: Dream Eater Dream Eater is a good move. Teach it to a ghost pokémon. Dream Eater is found in Viridian City.

TM 43: Sky Attack Sky Attack is a good attack move. Teach it to a flying pokémon. Sky Attack is found on Victory Road.

TM 44: Rest Rest is a good attack to give to Cloyster or Golem, or a pokémon wth good defense. Rest is found on S.S. Anne.

TM 45: Thunder Wave Thunder Wave is a good move. Teach it to an electric pokémon. It has the ability to paralyse. Thunder Wave is found on route 24.

TM 46: Psywave Psywave does half the damage, the level, the pokémon that has it. ( If your Psyduck is level 20, it will do 10 damage) Give this move to a psychic pokémon. Psywave is found in Saffron City Gym.

TM 47: Explosion Explosion is the same as Selfdestruct except it is more powerful. Explosion is found on Victory Road.

TM 48: Rock Slide Rock Slide is a good move for a rock-type pokémon. Machoke and all its evolved forms also can use it well. Rock Slide is found Celadon Pokémart.

TM 49: Tri Attack Tri Attack is a good move. Most pokémon that can have it know how to use it. I suggest to give it to Dodrio. Tri Attack is found in Celadon Pokémart.

TM 50: Substitute Substitute is the ultimate defense move. It works real well. You get Substitute in Celadon Pokémart. TM 40: Skull Bash Skull Bash is a good attack move and its a great move to teach Cubone or Marowak. Skull Bash is found in the Safari Zone.