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The Fab Fuzzbutt Ranchers

Howdy Y'all From The Lone Star State and the Fuzzbutt Ranch


I hope you will truly enjoy your visit, and hopefully learn something while you are here.

This site is dedicated to our newly found luv of FERRETS!!! YAH!!! and our ever strong, ever ongoing luv of just about anything furry or fuzzy.

A little about me..., a little about my family..., and a whole lot about our critters.

Ok, about me and my family:

I'm a single mom of two teenage girls, Sarah who is 14..woo hoo!! and Liz who is 13. Boy I don't remember teens being this challenging, I know I sure wasn't (yeah right!).

We used to live out in the country where we seemed to inherit a lot of pets, cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, field mice...

Right now we are up to 1 loving cat Coco, 2 dogs and 13 ferrets, you can see them on the photos pages along with all of our other adopted friends at one time or another.

Our greatest find in fuzzies has to be our ferrets! To learn more about these wonderful little critters click the link in the menu to the left "More about the Ranchers"

6 week old kit
is there any doubt why we love these critters?

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

  • 07/17/02 - Got our first 2 ferrets
  • 08/05/02 - Got the 2 boys
  • 12/04/02 - Got the other girl
  • 10/29/02 - Started writing site and added photos.
  • 12/27/02 - Finishing up other pages
  • 12/31/02 - Published to Internet
  • 12/16/03 - Added more Pics and fixed some errors
  • 05/10/04 - corrected some links and updated the chicken gravy recipe






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