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The Fab Fuzzbutt Ranchers

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On this page you will meet each of the Ranchers in detail.

This is Sadie

She's the big britches boss of the busyness, our Alpha and our only DEW. When Sadie hisses, everyone listens. She is a rescue and her cage mate Sparkles were our first ferrets ever. When she is playing everything goes in reverse, she backs her little fuzzbutt into any corner or hiding place she can find, it's just too funny! Sadie thinks that our 2 cats are out to get her and will try to scruff them or bite their tail at the base any chance she gets.


or Razz berry boy

He's Bubba and he acts like it. Raz picks on and chases everybody, me, the cats, the girls and the other fuzzies. Raz has a special name because when he was sold to his original mom & dad they were told she/he was a girl and Mimi was her name. Well, Mimi has boy parts and we didn't want to lose the original name when he came to live with us, but I just couldn't bring myself to call him Mimi. My youngest daughter Liz came up with Razzmatazz and I changed it to Raz "Mimi" Taz. He's a chocolate sable with white knobby knees and he looks like he's got freckles on his face.


another addition:


Mitzi is part 3 of our original girls and She has been a bit of a challenge. She was cage mates with Sadie and Sparkles, but they all three seem to have forgotten each other. (we didn't get her until 4 or 5 months after the other 2) I have switched bedding and let her sleep with Raz and Sparkles because she gets along with them really well. Now Sadie and Cebo are a different story and I'll keep you up to date with their progress in the news and updates section on the Rancher's home page. Everyone gets along fine now. Mitzi is a light sable with two very little mitts on her front paws, Hence the name "Mitzi". She has a crazy wardance where she flings her head willy-nilly from side to side as she is bouncing everywhere. Somehow she has figured out how to do this while she is running.. it's the oddest, but funniest thing I've ever seen.

And this is Coco

She's another inherited kitty, but she came from a family member and wasn't a dump. She's a very dark calico and she has shimmering gold eyes. She didn't like us very much at first but she has comes to accept all of us as her family. Coco and Smokie are partners in crime and will get a game of chase the ferts going through the entire house. She doesn't like Sadie because Sadie tries to bite her on the ears or scruff her if she gets a chance and Coco is a weenie. 

Rascal "the wascally wabbit"

Rascal was dumped with his little sister honey at a pound because his owners were moving and couldn't take them too. Rascal didn't know how to be a ferret when we got him, but he certainly knows that he's one now.

Heerre's Honey

She is such a tiny thing, when I picked her and Rascal up from the NRH animal shelter, she was full blown adrenal with very little fur. She shivered all the time and wouldn't play much. The FLC paid to have her adrenal surgery done and we found that she was insulinomic also. But, she is all better now and grew all her fur back so thick she looks like a different fuzzy. Oh yes, with all that fur came an attitude!!


Sable the Savage

This is Sable, she doesn't know what other ferrets are and that they can be fun to play with. She was raised from a kit by herself without a lot of interaction from her previous owner. The day i brought her home she bit me on my knuckle all the way to the bone and was not going to let go. Now that she knows us she is the sweetest kissy faced little girl. She make this comfort noise if she gets upset that sounds like a squeaky toy. She doesn't do well with strangers and chases my mother when she comes over.

Here is Sparkles a.k.a. chubola

     She is a standard sable and she's the lovey-dovey of the group. Miss chunky is a rescue also and Sadie's best friend. I believe she was going to be euthanized because one of her eyes was put out by a littermate, but she was spared and has a forever loving home with us. She loves socks and will wrap her little arms around your foot and bite away at the sock monsters you are wearing to keep your tootsies warm. She will sleep curled up in your hand or on your chest.

Meet Cebo (like See Boo Play!)

He is our silver mitt and he's Raz's lifelong cage mate. These 2 boys came to us together from a wonderful and ferret loving couple who have their hands full doing rescues. Cebo is a lap baby and acts like he's the old man of the house. He's usually the one who gets everyone else going in a game of chase around the house and make mommy trip over one of us. Talk about picky, he only likes yogies for a treat but we are getting used to raisins and "ferretbites" banana and raisin flavored fert treats. He has such a pretty face, it makes me just wanna squeeze him and hug him....



He's an inherited kitty, but we're his forever home. The man who has cattle across the road from me came by one afternoon and in his very broken English pulls out this little gray scrawny kitty that couldn't be more than 4 or 5 weeks old and asks me if I can take it. He was nothing but skin and bones and had been living in the man's cattle barn off nothing but bugs. I agreed and me and my daughters nursed him back to health. He lost all his fur and it grew back into this glorious long gray coat. He plays tag with the ferts and bops them on the head if they come too close, guess we shoulda named him FuFu!

Smokie has gone from us, we lost him last year to a severe kidney infection

This is Teddy

He's a hunny just like pooh. Teddy came to us with Bear. they were both dropped of because someone didn't have time for them. He's the biggest of our ferrets weighing in at almost 3 lbs. He's like a big Teddy Bear and he's the smartest of the group...I think!

This is Bear (or will be if I can get a darn picture of him)

He came to us from the FLC with Teddy, he's a blaze variant and I think he's going deaf or is deaf, it's hard to tell he's adapted so well and he's smart. He's my little snuggle boy and likes to be held by me. He nips the girls on their arms and legs but he's never even tried to nip me.


He's my sweet little old man, he got very tired in November and we had to let him rest. Yuri was probably 6 or 7 yrs old and had all the old age ailment that a 60 or 70 yr old human does. He gave face baths instead of kisses and could keep up with the best of them. He is greatly missed and is now resting under a huge tree in our backyard.


We have had many pets over the years since my Daughters were born and you can see them on the photo album page. These are our current resident fuzzies and we seem to be in the process of gaining a new member that someone decided they didn't want anymore. His name is Buster and he looks like a dark tan or bronze American bull terrier pup. My girls went for a walk and found him in a field. As soon as I get pics of him I will put them up too. He seems to be very healthy and he has huge paws so I'm sure he will be hefty. Living out in the country we seem to see just how disposable humans think pets are. I have taken more dogs and cats to the pound than I care to remember, because God knows I can't afford to keep them all and I remember each one and have cried before I ever made it out the door of the pound.