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  Fuzzie Links and Webrings

Here are the links to the sites where I have found a wealth of information. I used logos for these links and tried to check each site for linking info. If you see your logo and do not want it here please send me an email and I will remove it.

If you would like to suggest a link email me and I'll put it up.

Hammock Pattern 

Thanks Betty @ Blur o Fur

you need Adobe Reader get it here

My "Chicken Gravy" Recipe 

(this is basically a beef me up recipe, I haven't had a sick fert yet so I don't know how well this would do in that way.)

2 parts Kibble (you can moisten this with pedialyte beforehand if you want to add some electrolytes)

1 jar Gerbers Chicken & Gravy #2

1 part Sustical or Ensure (or equivalent liquid, nondairy food supplement, found in most grocery and drug stores in 8 oz cans. Ferrets seem to like strawberry the best but any flavor except chocolate is fine.

1 tbsp Ferretone

1 tbsp Ferretvite or Nutrical (leave out if the fuzzie is insulinomic)

all put in a blender and pureed, 

you can make this in any size batch and freeze in ice cube trays 

and toss in a ziploc freezer bag when frozen. 

When I thaw out a couple of cubes I add a little more Sustical or Ensure to it.

Great bunch of folks

Wealth of health information

The Ferret Health List @ SmartGroups

Great site, full of info, vet listings (STAR) 

anything you could possibly want to know about ferrets

Almost like our fuzzies and almost extinct

Great place to buy anything ferrety

The Ferret Manual (look to the left for "Owners Manual")

American Ferret Association Inc.

all the ferrety real person experience you could ever want 

and subscribing directions are at the bottom

The Ferret Mailing List Archives

Dr. Erika Matulich, Ph.D. articles and lots more at CypressKeep

Great ferret site in Spanish

Todo Hurones en espanol

You can click here to laugh till you cry at the Bad Ferret List



If I'm a member of a pets webring, I'll include the banner links here. AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE ALL MY WEBRINGS, CLICK ON THE WORD "HERE" DOWN BELOW


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