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As I bid you farewell

It is with sorrow in my heart
I bid you farewell today
Cause it causes me such pain
Just vanishing away

The love I felt for you
I have never experienced before
So I am shading tears
when I am closing the door

You touched my soul 
in so many ways
you made me cry
so many days…

…but my memories of you
which I will treasure
deep in my heart
Will be characterized
by our beautiful love
The finest of arts

Your way of moving me
towards new directions
was really something new to me
you made me open up my eyes
you actually made me see…

...that love can grow
although the distance
is far, far away
That love can grow
even if I was not sure
I would see you some day

So was it just an illusion?
Or could it have been
something great?
I really don´t know the answer
but I guess 
this was our fate

You held my heart
in your hand
I was all yours
in our secret land

Why did you throw it away?
My greatest gift to you
My deepest and pure love
was nothing but true

My heart is bleeding for us
red, red tears of grief
Autumn has reached our love
like a tree which has lost
it's last leaf

So when I am releasing you now
When I let go of your hand
See me as a love letter
written in the sand...

a love letter
which meant so much
when someone wrote it yesterday
but now is gone
since the billows have
effaced it away

So it is with sorrow in my heart
I bid you farewell today
My mind tells me to go
but my heart begs me to stay

I loved you a second of eternity
But you will always have
a special place inside of me

A secret room I will unlock
from time to time
when I feel sad once in a while
And I know deep in my heart
that the memories of you
will make me smile.

I love you

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