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A Lil 'Bout Me

A Lil 'Bout Jeannine

I wish these photos were mine that I worked with, but they're not...I found them on :)

        This page is about me; letting you guys know a little more about me if you want to ;) I am a diverse person, but my life is not too exciting at all, but hey :) I'm living for God, and that's all that counts.

        Name: Jeannine E.

        Age: 21

        Interests: Too Many :) Hobbies/Activites:
        Drawing/Painting, taking photos, horseback riding, tennis, walking/hiking, traveling, swimming, bicycling, being with my dog, collecting my Breyer Horses, finding random good stuff on the 'net, watching movies/tv, listening to music, collecting stuff, laughing, smiling :), getting other people to smile

        Breeds of Horses: Kiger Horses, Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, Warmbloods, Arabians

        Breeds of Dogs: just about any kind; especially mutts :)

        Favorite CD Albums: FALLING UP, Superchic(K)[all of 'em, yo], Barlow Girls, The Afters, Lifehouse [both], Coldplay [Parachutes & Rush of Blood to the Head], Relient K [many of 'em], Seven Places [Lonely for the First Time], Yellowcard [Ocean Avenue]

        Music: I love just about anything, but I usually listen to punk rock, hard rock, christian music, some country, some classical, and some rap/r&b, urban

        Favorite Shows Currently(that my sister and I tape):
        Smallville, Everwood, American Dreams, Alias, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, The OC, Jack and Bobby Movies: The list could go on and on...I like all kinds of movies, except for horror films, but comedies, action, and sad movies are my favorites

        Favorite All-Time Classic Movies:
        White Fang, Black Beauty(1994), Old Yeller, Natty Gann, Gypsy Colt, Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King

        Favorite More-Recent Movies:
        Monster-In-Law, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Holes, My Best Friend's Wedding, Finding Nemo, The Bourne series, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron, Shrek 2, A Walk to Remember, Peter Pan (the latest real people version from 04), Mean Girls, and many others

        Favorite Books: a WaLk to ReMeMBer, Thoroughbred Series: Ashleigh's Diary

        Favorite Ice-Cream: Basically Anything with chocolate and mint ;)

        My motto in life right now: Everything happens for a reason; if it's meant to be, it'll be

        What I want to do when I grow Up:

        I'm still a kid at heart, totally, and I certainly don't look like I'm 21 to most people.... Anyways, I want to major in art and minor in elementary teaching, or the other way around. I want to teach 1st or 2nd graders so that I have a steady income and a stable career, but my passion is drawing and painting, and taking photos. I pray that one day I can make it in the art world and show people my love for animals and God in my art. Anyhow, that is what I look forward to in the future.

        My Life Right Now:

        I work at PetsMart right now, and have been for over 2 years now, going to school, paying my way through it. I have been going to community college for about three years now, but am finally transferred to a university! My dad is in the Army. I have moved all of my life and love it for some reason. I have a younger sister that I love very much; she really does complete me most of the time..but I still want to find my soulmate. :) I dunno how my life is going to work out, but it is all in God's hands and I trust Him completely...I've just gotta stop worrying so much about my future.
        So anyways, that sums up my story pretty much for now ;) Hope ya enjoyed.

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        Updated: February 2006

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