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When I Think I Became Saved

          I know this is kinda crazy...telling how I "think I got saved"...cuz it's kinda cheesy and I don't know if it's really being "saved" or not, but hey. I'll go ahead and tell you about my lil' story.

          I've always been a Christian; raised in a Christian household, going to church most of my life, being overprotected, hehe, growing up to trust in God. I still do/am all those things. I love God with all my heart and know that Jesus is my Saviour. Jesus is the truth, the light, and the way. I give Him my all. I "think" I was really, really "saved."

          April 2004 I got a once-in-a-lifetime-chance to go to an awesome Christian Rock concert at Six Flags here in Dallas with my sister's friend's youth group. Kutless, Falling Up, Audio Adrenaline, Thousand Foot Krutch, and FM Static were playing. It was greatness!! Well, it's really sad that I forgot who was giving this speech telling us how he was saved and gave his life up to God, but it was beautiful. A d.j. from Mix 100.3 was there, and it was either him, somebody from Audio Adrenaline or TFK who gave that speech, but I'll sum it up.

          He told his story of how he came to truly know God one day and it is when you cry that you are saved and know God. I forget what he said that made him come to God and everything, but he went on to say how he trusts God completely and told us that God is always there no matter what and when we feel alone and cold, all we have to do is open our heart and crawl into "Daddy's lap." I can't remember exactly how he put his words, but I know they are always with me. I always think about that and when he was telling us that we can just curl up into God's lap and tell Him all of our fears and fall asleep in His arms, I teared up and knew that his words would always stay with me, even if I didn't remember who said them. Then, and there, I knew that I was in the perfect place to hear God. It was just pure awesome--and I remember that during some break in his speech right after he said something else which was powerful, there was this gust of warm spring air that came out of nowhere, and I knew THAT was GOD. It sent chills all over me, and even the speaker said that was just awesome how it happened! I will always remember that concert. The way the stadium is set up at that Six Flags was perfect for that concert and it was perfect---I hope that all you Christians out there get to have such an experience and truly hear God trying to speak to you like I was able to. :)

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