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**~Jesus is My Rock~**

        Welcome to my website that is dedicated to my love of Jesus and life. My name is Jeannine and I decided to make this site not only for my enjoyment, but for others too, hopefully. I have several pages of quotes and verses that I have found in various places that I love reading and would like to share with others.

        Not only do I love quotes and cool little stories, but I love beautiful photos and artwork more than anything. I will include a variety of things to look at, read, and think about. My love for God is above all, and I decided to finally make a website to honor the one and only true love that has no faults, Jesus. So, here it goes ;) I hope we all like it and it comes out worthy enough. *grin* Oh, and I got this idea from finding a site made by a young lady about my age that dedicated her site to the idea that "true love waits" and was inspired by the Barlow Girls, as am I. :)

        Alright, I think I'm going to do updates on cool happenings here on this page...cuz I have something to update on :)

        02-2007 Exactly a year later, I am writing another entry. I haven't updated this site in a while. Well, I am in my 3rd Semester at LCU and it is much better. I just hope I can get everything I need to done and graduate!!


        I am now in a university and love it. I'm attending a Christian university and have decided to go through with the education major. I haven't updated in a while, so I think I'll touch up a bit ;)



        Just felt like putting this~ The Afters are officially one of my new favorite bands!! I LOVE them!! I bought them a few weeks ago, and love almost the whole entire CD! They sing beautifully ;) I highly recommend them if you like the power pop type of music (that's what I'm calling them right now, lol...i dunno)


        I am listening to my new Superchic[k] CD, Beauty from Pain, and it is completely AWESOME!!! I am is beautiful. Sill me...I bought it like at least 2 weeks ago at Mardel, and I never opened it cuz I thought I might find it cheaper somewhere else..I know, I'm weird like that sometimes, and then it went on sale at Mardel's like the other week for $9.99, but their ad said they cannot make price changes for prior changes :( but anywho, it was only $13.99 when I bought it, so that's aight ;) I LOVE it!! so it's all goooooodd..

        *big smile* 02-15-2005

        I have only been to two concerts in my life (that I know of...); the first was in April 2004 at Six Flags and I got to see Falling Up, Audio Adrenaline, and some other bands...last Saturday night, February 12th, I went with my youth group, mom and sister to the Relient K concert here in Dallas!!! It was awesome, only thing was the poor guy Matt T., was they didn't do as many songs as they could've rocked out on, but it was fabulous anyhow ;) He still sounded great with his band and I'm glad we got to see them in concert.

        You Can Contact Me by E-mail or AIM if you would like :)


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        Updated: February 2006
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