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My Thoughts About Danny
Danny is the cutest little thing I have ever crossed paths with! I love him to death. He always knows how to make me smile. Specially when im not feeling my best and he is the only one who can tell. I hope that we stay friends for along time. And I wont let anyone hurt him in any way, I can assure you of that! SO heres a bit on him.

Name: Daniel (Danny) Micheal
Age: 14
D.O.B: 10/22/88
(the next questions are favorites)
Color: Black and Silver
Book: The Bad Beginning
Band: System of A Down
Movie: He was too confused to answer
T.V. Show: The Simpsons
Personal Quote: "Blindness is better than being brainwashed."
Comments From Danny:"i reject the system in the u.s., the public school system, the government system, the president, everything is corrupt and the only reason i stay here is because i have no car or job and i need a place to stay ppl!"

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