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Saturdays became special to me after I met him
At first he was shy and would hardly speak
After a while, I worked on him,
Now every time he sees me, he gets weak.

There is a jewel that we have in common
We have formed a bond, that has to be from a
past life or phenomenon.
He is committed, this i know.
But for me strong feelings he continues to show.

It doesn't matter, while all is said and one,
I will have his heart,
And memories he has of me will never part.
Because Saturday will always continue to come
After Friday but before Sunday

The Mirror

When I look in the mirror
I am looking at someone that wanted me dead.
But tricky little me, went on with life instead.

Wanting to change the structure, texture
and space of my face,
Would only prolong the agony and secrets of
my disgrace.

For all who reads this and understands,
Don't grow up and become a fan of the "Mirror"


As I grow older I realize in some matters you were right.
But the way you beat and hurt me, wasn't right.

When I was younger I tried to love you, even though
you pushed me away
Only to learn that how I got here, wasn't my values
that strayed.

Now you, a lot older and failing in health,
And all my life you kept me from your wealth.
Father, rest knowing I learned from the bad, ugly
and a certain life style,
But know unlike you, I will not hurt the one's that
make my life worth while.

How Will You Know

If you never push yourself to the limit - How will you know?
If you never dare to dream - How will you know?
If you are never bold enough to plot and scheme - How will you know?
If you never follow through - How will you know?
If you never give it all you've got - How will you know?
How will you know it's not worth a shot?
How Will You Know?

I'll Never Stop

What kind of love is that that you've given me?
I go about my daily life, but you are all I see.
Loving you over and over again,
Giving myself to you I know could never be wrong
You've filled my hearth with joy and love,
That's why I sing your song.

I lie awake at night, to watch you sleep.
When I finally drift to slumber, I pray to the Lord
your soul, I'll forever keep.

I'll never stop loving you

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