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I Cry

When I think of you - I cry
When I want to see you - I cry
When you ignore me - I cry
When you put others before me - I cry
When you shut me out - I cry
When I try to talk and you shout - I cry
When I ask myself "Why do I love you? - I cry
When I answer myself with "There is no one above you - I cry

When it's time for me to grow - I'll cry
When I start to tell you no - I'll cry
When I start to believe in me - I'll cry
when I tell you "Good-bye" and I am free
I'll cry

You Are In Love

When that phone call comes through and the
voice on the other end causes a melt down.
When that touch of a hand and the glance
of the eye, takes away a frown.

When you find yourself driving, thinking
and walking but you are still in place
When your heart races, and your palms
turn sweaty at the mention of "We need space"

When you see no cause, no life and
no purpose beyond that special one
When you accept you have given yourself,
blood, sweat and tears and their will
be done.

Then you know you are in love.

Happy Valentines Day


Forgiveness is sometimes a hard thing to do
But no matter how hard, it does live
inside me and you.

After those unkind words have been spoken
Ask yourself, "Was the other person's heart broken?"

Is that why forgiveness is so hard to achieve?

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