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L   Is for the long lasting friendship
Long walks, lasting into the night
Late night talks, that live in my heart,
and helps me make it through the night

O    Over and over again the love we make
Over protection I get when I am about
to make a mistake.
Oxygen you breath in my lungs before
it's too late.

V Victory I feel when I look back on all
our rough times that we made it through.
Vindication you feel when I look in your
eyes and tell you I belong to you.

E Every fiber of my being screams
I Love You
Ever changing times, makes me a slave
and brings me to your feet.

This is my love for you

I Will Love You

I will love you
Forever and always
And I guess all I can
Do is express myself
Through my poems and
Songs and pray the taste
And love and constant blood
curdling desire to be
with you goes away


I Don't Know Why

From the time I awake to the time I go to sleep I yearn for him.
I want him beside me, around me, with me, for my, by me.
But in my heart I accept it could never be.

I love him so much my body aches, and I feel this pain, every
time I awake
I cry alone when no one knows,
And it seems every time I think of him
my love grows.

Because of his immaturity and insecurity I know I will
never be with my soulmate

My Shining Knight

We met one night in twilight space and time
By nature, we were drawn to one another,
So I stepped up and took what was rightfully mine.

As our bodies danced together in every way,
neither one of us could remember the day
that we lived apart.

But something happened and you pulled away.
You left my mind, body and spirit in a cold, dark
and dreary way.

You left me stranded,
alone, confused and very hurt.
It was more than I could bare,
so my mind, body and soul
returned back to the dirt.

I have chosen, not to come back in
another lifetime to find you.
After the realization of how you feel about me,
it wouldn't be right.

But my soul cries from the other side in spite,
needing and longing for you to know,
that you are my shining knight.

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