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Ur 100% Beautiful , Ur 100% Lovely, Ur 100% Sweet , Ur 100% Nice & Also 100% Stupid to Believe



The Rain Makes Everything Beautiful, Grass, Flowers, Trees etc..

If rain makes all thing beautiful than y does it not fall on U?

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I Was Not *Kissing* Him. I Was Just Telling His Lips A Secret!!

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(L)DO U LOVE ME(L)(W) (NO)(W) OK............... NEXXXXXXXXT PLZZZZZ.....

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Promise me we are true friends

I m lamp u r light=I m Coke u r Sprite

I m Sawan u r badal=I m Normal u r Pagal

I m Tarzan=u r Monkey!

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What is wrong with your cell every time I call a voice comes

that the subscriber u have dialed is a monkey

plz contact zoo for detail

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