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When U Feel Sad

Go to mirror & say DAMN! I'm Really Cute

U will overcome Your Sadness but don't make it Habit coz Liars go to Hell!



Sale Sale Sale...DHAMAKEDAR Sale...keemat sirf aik Muskurahat...Offer Mehdood Muddat Tak K liye Hai...Only for Girls

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Do you know what's Difference between Me and Monkey...?

I wrote this SMS and Monkey is Reading it...

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Love & Sala go to a village, in B/w well comes and Love Falls in well, Sala also jumps in, Y.....? coz love k liye Sala Kuch bhi Karega!

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A 4 Apple

B 4 Brae Apple

C 4 Chota Apple

D 4 Doo Apple

E 4 Ek Or Apple

F 4 Free Ka Apple

G 4 Gool Apple

H 4 Hoo Gaya Na Pait Kharab!..

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Sometime my mind asks


I like you


I want to see you


I Remember you


You Make me laugh

Then my heart Answers

It's simply b-coz


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