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kajira Training Program

This site is set up to help you become the best kajirae that you can be. It will have many pages of training information.

slave Oath

He is owner

and i am owned


He commands

and i obey


He is Master

and i am slave


He is to be pleased

and i am to please


Why is this?


Because He is Master

and i am slave



1. Karta upon entrance, asking to enter. Greet appropriately, Men before Women. All free are Masters/Mistress so please deem Them as such. Also before leaving, it's just plain courtesy to ask permission to leave. In fact, its a requirement!!

2. Slave is to be beautiful in appearance and mannerisms at all times. Take extra steps and dont be lazy. Jealousy and possessiveness are NOT beautiful.

3. Never argue with a Free, a Free is always correct whether He/She is your Master or not. slaves always have the last word in any disagreement ... the words are "Yes, Master/Mistress".

4. No handling weapons or anything that can be used as weapons unless directly ordered to do so.

5. Never handle money, (coin position is only exception).

6. Never serve multiple Persons at one time, if two or more Free desire service either find another girl to help or deem which should be served first between Them. While in the midst of serving, remember that They are your only priority until release is given.

7. "Yes Master/Mistress" after ordered a task, shows a kajira was listening (good idea more than a rule)

8. Always keep in mind restrictions in all mannerisms. If heat is shown, remember the reason behind heat within a serve. It is to entice, thus, expect to be used if desired by the Free. However, being forced into an alcove is forbidden. If the slave is uncomfortable in any way, please contact a host.

9. slaves possess nothing not given to them by their Owner, including their name. What is given can be taken away. If you are entrusted to carry a name for an Owner, or silks or jewelry, remember that these can be removed as easily as they were given.

10. Cutting/Pasting serves, dances, and any other actions, is disrespectful, horrible manners, and simply bad judgement. Have some originality, even if it's not as good as a sparkling finished copy.

11. The Principle Requirement of a Gorean slave: To Be Pleasing..The Primary Purpose of a Gorean slave girl: To Serve Men..The Two Duties of the Gorean slave girl: Exquisite Beauty and Absolute Obedience

Golden rule: Collars are worn with pride and honor. your actions reflect the actions of your Owner, sisters, brothers, other Free, and Camp. Remember this at all times.

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