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kajira basics

We will use the books as guidelines as to Gorean ways as well as do our best to roleplay accordingly. you will at times struggle with your training thinking why do all this. The answer to that is clearly because you want to be the best kajira you can be to please your Owner.

First thing any new kajira needs to learn is to enter a Home and greet properly. In most homes a slave is expected to karta at the entrance and then when permitted greet.

Greeting Order

First you Thank and Greet the Free that gave you permission to enter.

If you are Owned, your Master or Mistress.

All the Masters of the Home are greeted next, in order of Command in the Home.

Then Visiting Masters

Then all the Mistresses of the Home, in order of Command.

Then Visiting Mistresses

Then the Home slaves, the First girl/Training girl first, then others to follow in any order, sometimes a good idea is just to follow down the list.

Then visiting slaves in no particular order, again could just go down the list.


Greetings Master (insert Name), this slave thanks You for allowing her to enter and hopes to find You well

Greetings Master (insert Name), this girl hopes Your day is a good one

Greetings Mistress (insert Name), a slave hopes to find You doing well Mistress Hello slaves, it is nice to see all of you.

**Note Free, should never be greeted all clumped up in one post such like this "Greetings A/ll", When one does that it makes her/him look lazy, and can show as disrespectful, so greet them seperately and in order.

When you reach the slaves you can group them together.**

When you are permitted to travel it is always a good idea to read the room rules, if in doubt beg to enter and greet always.


The primary function of a slave upon Gor is to serve the needs of the Free. There are as many different ways to serve as there are Masters and Mistresses as each one has different needs, desires and preferences as to the way They wish to be served. So the Gorean slave must be flexible. The Free must be served in the manner that they request so it pays for the girl or boy to learn her/his Master or Mistress inside and out. To be able to know just exactly what is pleasing to Them. Slaves should be respectful and dutiful in the presence of any Free individual it is what is expected of them and what is good for them as upon Gor Free citizens literally hold the power of life and death over a slave. And all Slaves are considered responsible for serving all Free People in a pleasing manner at all times. There is no room for a bad day or for PMS on Gor. Excellence and perfection in a slave is the goal, not whining and complaining. A slave should always be in good spirits and prepared to serve upon demand and be happy to do so. As a slave you are just that a slave…PROPERTY. Slaves have no rights , they have nothing not given to them by a Master. Not even a slave's name is their own and can be changed at any time at a whim. Although some Masters and Mistresses may ko lar a slave and reserve him/her for Their private use, this doesn't mean that the slave is no longer required to be pleasing to all Free People at all times. In the presence of a Free, a Gorean slave kneels at all times unless serving or commanded to do other wise. A Gorean slave always addresses all Free Men as "Master" and all Free Women as "Mistress" even if they are not owned by that Person. A Gorean slave is humble at all times. She/he does not bargain, debate or argue. A slave does not expected to be rewarded and takes the greatest pleasure from pleasing and providing service. A Gorean slave cannot have "honor" but is expected to have integrity, loyalty and to serve all to the best of her/his ability. A Gorean slave accepts punishment and discipline without complaint. A Gorean slave is always looking for something to do or someone to serve. When a slave fails to understand a command given he/she askes politely for it to be clarified. A Gorean Slave is forbidden by law to touch money, a whip or any form of weaponry with her/his hands, unless expressly instructed to by a Free. Often a camp will contain few Masters and Mistresses and many slaves, which result in a lot of slaves who have no one to serve, find other ways to make yourself useful….simulate doing chores, cooking, cleaning and preparing. Chores of O/our camp and who does what are posted on a separate page. You should check to see what your express chores are and simulate responsibility for them. One does not just set quietly in camp waiting to be called to service. Make your presence known but do not pester each Master/Mistress and beg to serve nor should one stand up loudly and ask if anyone needs service. This doesn't constitute pleasing behavior…offer to serve…if no one responds, then carry on with chores. As each new Master or Mistress enters offer to serve as you greet. Slaves are expected to have fun in camp, in fact are even encourages to play and be entertaining. This includes engaging in pleasant conversation with Free Persons and other slaves, still it is wise to know when to shut up and when to weigh each remark carefully less he/she be found displeasing. Once the chores are done it is fine for the slaves to banter among themselves…but please, always remember that every action, every word, every look should be pleasing to all the senses. A Gorean slave's ko lar entrusts them to carry the honor of their Owner and the slave and the slave alone can make the weight of that ko lar as light or as heavy as they wish it to be. A true Gorean Slave feels the desire to be pleasing in her "belly" and a karija's belly is the core of her being. If she is true she loves her Master or Mistress with unconditional love, she submits herself to them completely and trusts them explicitly. She is happiest when she is in their presence and aches for them when they are not. A true karija lives to serve and serves to live.