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Enduring Twilight: Old World of Darkness

Werewolf 101

Lesson One: Character Details

Name, Player, Chronicle, Breed, Auspice, Tribe, Pack Name, Pack Totem, Concept
"All that stuff at the top of the sheet"


"Name" is the character name. You'll want a normal 'human' name, and also possibly a 'deed name' - which is essentially a formal 'nickname' that your character would pick up during their Rite of Passage that would often refer to some characteristic of their personality or something they did during the Rite of Passage.

"Player" is you, of course - may seem silly, but it sure helps the Storytellers keep people's sheets straight.

is the name of the particular game you're playing in - in this case, "Enduring Twilight". While the werewolf game is Shadowed Heart it is still part of the overall Enduring Twilight chronicle.

"Breed" - Your character's breed is the form that your character was born in and is most natural to him or her. There's three different breeds, but the breeds are restricted for new players.
The three breeds are:

Homid - a character who was born a human - perhaps both the character's parents are humans, but it's likely one of them is a garou, whether the character knew it or not before their first change. Metis - the offspring of the forbidden pairing of two garou - such children are born sterile, and always have some form of deformity or impairment. They're also the ones most familiar with Garou culture, experiencing it first hand from birth. Lupus - who are born as wolves - it's possible both a Lupus garou's parents were wolves, but more likely that one of them was a garou. While they can assume human form they do not always think like them, and have a somewhat alien viewpoint.
Players new to Werewolf: the Apocalypse are restricted to Homid characters - there's lots of other stuff to get used to when starting the game, playing a human born character makes it a little easier.
Players who are familiar with Werewolf: the Apocalypse but new to Enduring Twilight can make Homid characters, but are also allowed to make Metis.
Only players who are familiar with both the game and this chronicle are allowed to make Lupus Garou - this isn't a punishment to other players, but simply a recognition that playing a wolf-born character is a challenge, and the expectations on the player is that much higher.

"Auspice" - your character's auspice is the phase of the moon that they were born under, and is very important to the character, determining in a rather broad fashion both their role in Garou society and what sort of tasks are expected of them. Each Auspice is being given a special blessing by Luna to help the Garou perform their duties. Should your auspice change you lose the blessing of the old auspice and gain the new one.
The five Auspices and their Blessings are:
Ragabash: New Moon - The Trickster: questioner of the ways. - Some see Ragabash as nothing more than fools who get away with mocking everyone and everything sacred, but they're more than that. It is their job to question assumptions, to make sure that customs are not simply followed blindly, for no better reason than "well we've always done it this way."
New Moon's Blessing: The New Moon's Truth: Any Ragabash may choose a target for teaching a lesson. They study the other Garou, then make an Empathy + Perception Roll at a difficulty of 7. After accumulating a number of success equal to the target's rank + 1 the Ragabash may then contact the player and a Storyteller. the Ragabash then works out how the lesson they wish to teach would best hit home or if it can even be taught. This must be done each time for each lesson they wish to teach a target.
Theurge: Crescent Moon - The Seer: searcher of the ways - The mystics of the Garou, the Theurges are the ones closest to the spirit world - dealing with spirits and Garou magic. Sometimes strange and disturbing to other auspices, the Theurges take their duties as healers and shamans seriously.
Crescent's Blessing: Child of Two Worlds: At creation the Theurge chooses a type of spirit to automatically gain a connection to. This manifests as a free dot in the spirit heritage background. The Theurge's natural connection to the spirit world allows them to cross to the umbra more easily. All Theurges are at a - 1 difficulty to step into the umbra. Exiting the Umbra on the other hand is normal difficulty.
Philodox: Half Moon - The Judge: Keeper of the ways - Judges and arbiters of justice the Philodox uphold the litany and  laws of the Garou, mediating disputes between their fellows and passing judgment upon criminals.
Half Moon's Blessing: Voice of Balance: When speaking to settle arguments, place down judgments, to calm other Garou or generally speaking as the voice of reason all Philodoxes gain - 2 difficulty to social rolls while using their voice with other Garou.
Galliard: Gibbous Moon - The Moon Dancer: Lover of the ways; Bards - Tale spinners and singers and artists, the Galliards also fill an important role as the keepers and spreaders of lore and history among the Garou. Don't discount them on the battlefield however - they're second only to the Ahroun in their prowess in battle.
Gibbous' Blessing: Memory of Ages: Any Galliard may make a difficulty 7 wits roll and recall a story that may be useful to the situation. Each success the Galliard gets reflects how useful the information from the story is. At one success maybe the story has a bit of insight, at five they might recall an actual event directly related to the dilemma.
Ahroun: Full Moon - The Warrior: protector of the ways - The Ahroun are the warriors - straightforward and direct, they are fearsome and deadly foes in battle - but temperamental and often quick to anger if goaded.
Full Moon's Blessing: Gaia's Righteous Anger: When in combat an Ahroun adds the number of health levels of damage they have taken as dice to the damage they inflict on others. If they are healed then the number of dice go down accordingly. This is bonus only applies to unarmed combat, when an Ahroun is using the weapons Gaia gave him. (Teeth, Claws etc)

"Tribe" - Your character's tribe is the 'group' of Garou that he or she is part of - an extended family or clan of sorts. Many Garou are born into their tribe, but blood isn't everything - a Garou can choose to go through the Rite of Passage to join a different tribe, and will be just as vital a part of it as someone born into it. Homid or Lupus male Garou born to Black Furies are particular examples - the female-oriented tribe isn't allowed to keep such children in their ranks and while they might still keep close ties to their sons, the men are always fostered out to a different tribe and are never considered Black Furies. Watch out though! Some Tribes (or individual members) have been known to hold a grudge against 'turncoats' who choose to 'abandon' their birth tribe to join another. Even those that don't hold a grudge against such wayward children don't tend to be too impressed. Wendigo and Silver Fangs are particularly notorious for grudges. Furies don't hold such grudges against sons. Daughters may well be another matter...
There are 12 tribes in the Garou Nation. There's a 13th tribe out there - the Stargazers - but they've severed relations with the Garou Nation to join the Beast Courts of the East, and any who are found still within the Garou Nation are something of a 'Special' character type.
The 12 tribes and their
Black Furies The Furies defend the wildest places and fight viciously to defend women. Most Black Furies are female, and the only males in the tribe are metis.  
Bone Gnawers Possibly the best-informed tribe and the most capable at spying. The Bone Gnawers live in poverty, and the other tribes despise them for their casual ways.  
Children of Gaia The most moderate of the tribes, The Children of Gaia consider themselves mediators and humanity's champions.  
Fianna This tribe is of Celtic descent. Their ancestry ranges from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, but in modern times, they can be found anywhere their relatives might have migrated. They are renowned as lusty for both battle and celebration.  
Get of Fenris Dedicated to the Wyrm's utter destruction, the Get are considered savage and bloodthirsty. This tribe is primarily of Germanic and Scandinavian descent, and Fenrir take great pride in their heritage.  
Glass Walkers The Glass Walkers have adapted more closely to city life than every other tribe (except the Bone Gnawers), and they are not considered trustworthy. Glass Walkers tend to gravitate toward high technology, high finance and the criminal underworld.  
Red Talons A tribe unique in that it is composed almost entirely of lupus members (with a small but growing number of metis). Red Talons live in the wilderness among their lupine Kinfolk, and they believe that Gaia's only hope is the extermination of all humans.  
Shadow Lords The Silver Fangs' primary rival for leadership of all Garou. Shadow Lords are seen as cunning, deceptive and domineering - judgments that are not far off the mark.  
Silent Striders Exiled from their original homeland, the Silent Striders choose to live solitary lives on the road, traveling constantly. Some work as couriers between septs. Silent Striders have learned many secrets of both the physical and spiritual worlds in their travels...  
Silver Fangs The rightful rulers of the Garou Nation, they preserve impeccable breeding through both their lupine and human lineages. Most can claim descent through various European noble and royal families. This exclusionary behavior has led to inbreeding, and the Silver Fangs are tainted with madness because of it.
Note: Silver Fangs must pick a derangement.
Uktena The Uktena are the most mysterious and mystical of the tribes. They have charged themselves to guard the resting places of many powerful Banes, and some fear that this association taints the tribe. Once, the tribe's human blood was entirely Native American. In recent decades, the Uktena have begun to breed with many other races.  
Wendigo The Wendigo are the only Garou tribe composed primarily of Native American members, but a few have bred outside their traditional lineages. The Wendigo resent the other tribes' presence in North America, and they guard their caerns from all others.  

"Pack Name" & "Pack Totem" - Packs are 'groups' of players, usually from three to 10 people, that work together as a group. Each Pack will forge an agreement with a Totem spirit, where the pack upholds the rules the Totem sets out in exchange for the power the Totem can lend to them. Unless you already know there's a space waiting for you in a pack, leave these spots blank for now. You can become part of a pack in character later, or the Storytellers might be able to help direct you to one if there's one still accepting new members.

"Concept" is the basic idea of the character, summed up in as few words as possible - preferably under five words, one word is ideal. Is your character a cop? A dancer? An office worker? A shop owner? The proverbial "starving artist"? Those are all valid examples of concepts. Some lifestyle choices can be added to concept as well - "skinhead" or "goth" or even "junkie" - anything that you can think of that sums up the character idea briefly.

Lesson Two: Attributes