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Enduring Twilight: Old World of Darkness

Werewolf 101

Lesson Two: Attributes

Here's where you start making decisions about what sort of person your character is, and what they're particularly good at. Look at the categories - Physical, Social and Mental categories

 Physical Social Mental
Strength how strong you are Charisma how likeable you are Perception how well you take information in
 Dexterity how fast you are Manipulation how well you can make others do what you want Intelligence how well you retain and process information
Stamina how tough you are Appearance how attractive you are physically, how well you dress, etc. Wits how fast you react, mentally, to obstacles and change

Before you start filling anything in, you have to decide which of the three groups is most important to your character, and which of them is the second most important. Sit back and think for a moment
Is the character a very physical jock type, pretty outgoing socially, but they coasted through school on the mental level?
Or perhaps they're a studious type, with a lot of knowledge at their disposal, but don't get out much socially?
Or maybe they're a real party animal, social and outgoing, and good at getting people to do what they want?
Decide which of the three categories is their primary, which one is their secondary, and which one is least important to the concept, and to them. (note - the "third place" slot does not mean that they're exceptionally weak in that area, just that they don't stand out in it. They aren't necessarily stupid if their Mental category is in third place - they're just average.)

A werewolf character has 7 "dots" to add to their primary group of attributes, or more aptly to spread between the three words beneath each title. If you look at the little circles following each word, you'll see there's one filled in for each. Those filled dots are "free", and the 7 that you have to spread are added on top of them, and you fill in dots as you go. The "secondary" category gets 5, same arrangement of the filled dots being free, and the third or tertiary group gets a paltry 3 - just enough to bring everything to 2.

 What do the levels mean? you ask? Think of it like the five star rating systems for some movies and restaurants.

Poor. You've got it, but at a barely adequate level.
Average - serviceable, but not outstanding.
Good - you're better than average, but not shockingly so
Damn good. You could easily make a living using this attribute, and in fact you probably do.
Human maximum - it's stunningly good, and considered world class. (for example, with physicals, having a 5 is Olympic-athlete level of achievement.)


Lesson Three: Abilities