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Enduring Twilight: Old World of Darkness

Character Creation

These are the pages of rules for making characters for the Enduring Twilight setting. There's two games so far that work within the overall setting and character creation is a little different for each - but not by much, and they're generally very much by starting character rules. Any exceptions will be noted. If you don't like the rules you don't have to register - there's a lot of games all over IRC, and there's one to suit everyone's tastes. Either way, have fun.

Shadowed Heart

Each player can have up to 5 characters in the Werewolf game at one time - this includes Garou, Kinfolk, and anything 'special'.


Attributes: 7/5/3, Abilities: 13/9/5, Backgrounds: 5, Rage and Renown: by Auspice, Gnosis: by Breed, Willpower: by Tribe, Gifts 3 (1 each for Auspice, Breed and Tribe),  Freebies: 15 (If any of that confused you or you need a refresher on how the auspices, breeds and tribes affect stats, try the walk-through.) Please include a written explanation of where the character's Backgrounds come from (like Pure Breed) and possibly how they're maintained (like Resources). A character history is always a bonus.

A text-format sheet for submitting garou characters can be found here.

Those players new to Werewolf: the Apocalypse must make Homid characters as their first Garou. Those familiar with the rules but new to this game can make Homid or Metis as their first character. Lupus born are reserved for those the Storytellers are sure are familiar with the way this game's being run. There's a walk-through for new players available here, which includes house rules and other details for all players.

When the game was first starting up players coming over for the change from the old game were allowed to remake their characters with a bonus of extra experience. That window is now closed, and all new characters must be starting points. This means you. Even if you've played with these folks before in another game and are finally getting around to making the transition you still have to use starting points for character creation.

Kinfolk, including Psychics and Sorcerers

"Vanilla" Kinfolk: Attributes: 6/4/3, Abilities: 11/7/4, Backgrounds: 5, Willpower: 3, Gnosis and Renown: none to start, Freebies: 21

Sorcerer or Psychic Kinfolk: Attributes: 6/4/3, Abilities: 11/7/4, Willpower, Backgrounds & Numina: 5 each, Freebies: 21

Sorcerers and Psychics must take "Supernatural Kin" merit, 4pts, to play as Kinfolk in the Caern - If you don't want to take that merit, check out the Mage game, Crossroad Blues. Players are limited to a maximum of 2 psychics or sorcerers out of their 5 total characters for Shadowed Heart.

A text-format sheet for submitting kinfolk can be found here. A sheet for sorcerers/psychics can be found here.

"Special" characters

Everyone wants something unique that stands out from the crowd and most everyone has their favorite Fera if they've played Werewolf: the Apocalypse for a while - and some people want other unusual things, like kinfolk mage. (While kinfolk can and do Awaken as mages from time to time, one being accepted and trusted by their shifter kin is just as rare as Awakening.) The "special" character slot is a way to let people play such characters without upsetting the game balance. So if you want to play perhaps an Ananasi or a Bastet or even a Son of Ether you can - but there's some rules that do have to be observed.

1.) While you can have a total of 5 characters in the Shadowed Heart game, you're only allowed one 'special' character at a time, and yes it counts towards that 5 total number.
2.) You must prove yourself with a different type of character first - especially if you're new to either Werewolf: the Apocalypse or the channels. You have to play this other character for at least a month before submitting a more exotic character type. This is to allow the Storytellers to gauge not only your level of skill but your commitment to the game - it's all too easy for someone to waltz in with a new character, cause chaos, and then take off before they have to deal with the consequences. This sort of chaos is even easier with one of the more unusual character types.
3.) Playing a 'Special' slot character is a privilege, not a right. The storytellers reserve the right to refuse any and all such characters as they see fit if they think that it might unbalance the game, cause too many problems, if they think that the player simply cannot handle it or any other reason - and no, they do not have to explain themselves.
4.) Tantrums do not impress the Storytellers nor is throwing them likely to get such a character approved if it couldn't be gotten through sweet reason and negotiation. Same goes for whining, threats, and guilt trips. The game ain't gonna die just cause Joe Cool couldn't get his rank 4 Camazotz into play. (95% of players don't need that reminder, but I think every experienced player has played at least once with the sort who does try such nonsense - or worse yet who got away with it.)




To register any character for the Shadowed Heart section of the game, send it to the ops group and the Storytellers will take a look at it.


Crossroad Blues



Attributes: 7/5/3, Abilities: 13/9/5, Backgrounds: 7, Spheres 6 (one must go in Tradition specialty sphere), Arete 1, Willpower 5, Freebies: 15.

Any Merits or Flaws that you want to take that aren't listed in the 3rd Edition Mage: the Ascension book must be accompanied by a notation of which book you found them and on what page. (Seriously guys I'm getting sick of that. I've had some really bad "merits" buzzed past me and while I've caught them, I'm tired of it. From now on if a player can't limit him/herself to corebook merits/flaws and won't note the book/page for the off-the-beaten-path ones, I can't be bothered to approve them.) Character history is highly encouraged, and most Background ratings could use an explanation as well. Explanation of foci and a brief explanation of paradigm is a must. If any of those words confused you, follow the character creation tutorial.

A text-format sheet for submitting mages can be found here.

New players must make a member of one of the 9 Traditions - particularly if they're new to mage altogether. Contrary to public opinion it's actually not easier to start out as a normal unawakened mortal and then awaken in play and try to throw in a paradigm as an afterthought. With Mage, if you do not know how your magic works, it doesn't. Period.

Sorcerers and Psychics

Attributes: 6/4/3, Abilities: 11/7/4, Willpower, Backgrounds & Numina: 5 each, Freebies: 21

A text-format sheet for submitting mages can be found here.

"Vanilla" Humans

Attributes: 6/4/3, Abilities: 11/7/4, Virtues: 7, Backgrounds: 5, Freebies: 21


"Special" characters



Enduring Twilight


"Extra Special" characters