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LuLu's Art-O-Rama ... Another Offbeat America Roadside Art Attraction

Welcome to the Driftless Region of Wisconsin known as Crawford County. Here the rocky limestone bluffs soar skyward to heaven, eagles and hawks zoom through the white billowy clouds, and fish jump in the tri-vein of the Wisconsin, Kickapoo, and Mississippi Rivers.

Rounding the bend up high in the bluffs you will come to a log-sided converted cheese factory with blue bottles floating in space. Welcome to LuLu's Art-O-Rama!

Once you drive in you will see sculptural woman heads made of concrete attached to the blue-bottle spears, the guardrail guardians. And to the right is a flatbed trailer full of crazy sculptures, mostly of concrete. If LuLu Fry is in she may invite you into the Art-O-Rama where the paintings are located. What fun!

Her etheral exquisite art transports the viewer to another world, one of serenity and wonderlight.

(Email for exact directions.)



Original Metal Art

New sculptures, both B I G & small.

The Paintings:


new! Try-On Art...

BIG SCIENCE PAINTINGS They did a new way.


"Something's happening here/what it is ain't exactly clear..."


LuLu Fry also creates concrete sculptures depicting fish with teeth, dolls, and magical stars.

Helping Hand Cross


26 them come to life!(This project got back-burnered.)


"Big Fish, Little Fish: Ellis Nelson & LuLu Fry"

(This is a sculpture they made together.)

"The Woman Who Swallowed a Fly" sculptures are all installed now! Come see them and hear a little story.

Book Art


This is LuLu's dog Zig-Zag. He romps all over her yard so please park at the mouth of the driveway. You never know when he is out goofing around :)

Thank you.


The World's Most Beautiful Baby Doll Contest. I hope to have this installed by the opening. The BABIES are complete. I just need to figure out some sort of waterproof ballot box. I will be making a new page just for the contest.


"If you are LOST. Stop here & get found." -sign beneath the mile markers

"Words are dead

unless they're read.

The unseen painting

is a canvas corpse."

-LuLu Fry

Thank you for visiting. Come again soon! :)


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