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All allies level 99
Enter L1+R2+O+Square at the opening title screen to boost all players to level 99.
Key To the City
Do you want to go back into Midgar so you can visit the Wall Market and get Tifa’s Ultimate Weapon and talk to some old friends? Well all you have to do is go talk to the site foreman at Bone Village and tell him you want normal treasure. When you set up your hired hands they should point at the key to enter Midgar. If you get another item instead, then try again. Wait until you get the Highwind to try this. Now you can get Tifa’s Ultimate Weapon in that little item shack in the Wall Market.
The Backroom
In the general store at Cosmo Canyon, there is a path that is roped off when the team first arrives. Go back there on the second or third disk of the game and you will be able to go into the back room. There you can collect an Elixir, Magic Source, and the amazing "Full Cure" materia!
Lucrecia’s Cave
After acquiring the submarine or a gold chocobo (refer to the chocobo section) you can reach Lucrecia’s Cave. It is located In the Nibel area in a lagoon. You must walk behind the waterfall. The lagoon is surrounded by mountains so you can run over them with a gold, black, or green chocobo. To use the submarine you must find an underwater passage slightly north of the Gold Saucer. Then surface at the other end and get off the submarine at the rocky ledge and walk under the waterfall. Then you can visit Lucrecia (if Vincent is in your party). Later, revisit and you will collect Vincent’s Ultimate Weapon and Level 4 Limit Break. Also, you will find out find out how Vincent fits into the story, since you don’t know anything about him (You may want to go to the bathroom before you start this.....)
Sleeping Old Man
Directly East of Junon is a cave only accessible by using a buggy, the Highwind, or a gold, black, or blue chocobo. Inside, a sleeping man tells you your statistics. They are how many times you’ve battled, How many times you’ve escaped and also hints about the concept of master materia. You must find out how many times you’ve battled. If he says a different statistic then leave and come back in. You must make it so that the last two digits of the amount of times you’ve battled is the same number. For example: 588 battles, 1244 battles, If you only need a couple more battles leave and fight right outside his cave. When you have the right amount of battles talk to him and he will wake up. He might give you a bolt ring, but if you are lucky he will give you Mythril. Bring this to the Weapon Seller East of Gongaga Village. When you give the Mythril to him he will let you choose a large or a small box. For Aeris’s Ultimate Limit Break go upstairs and open the small box. For a Gold Armlet choose the big box at the bottom right of his house.
Crashed Gelnika
If you use your submarine and follow the West Shore underwater, then you will find the Crashed Gelnika. When you enter you can collect many GREAT items. If you have not re-entered Midgar via parachuting, you will run into Reno and Rude. Also there are many tough, bizarre creatures so save frequently. Be careful when entering and exiting this place because Emerald Weapon might be hanging out near by. DON’T BANG INTO HIM!!! Just be carful.
House You can Buy:
At Costa del Sol there is a real estate agent selling President Shinra’s old vacation home for the low price of 300,000 gil. You don’t need to buy it, but if you do you can rest there (And about a million other places, so this is pretty pointless, actually). But, who doesn’t want a villa? Indulge yourself.
Turtles Paradise:
In Wutai, the building at the bottom left corner of the screen is having a contest. You must find the posters they spread around the world. You just have to read them. Their locations are:
Flyer #1- In sector 5 of Midgar, in the house up in the boy’s room there is a poster on the far wall from his bed.
Flyer #2- In Shinra Headquarters, on the bulletin board in the back of the first floor lobby. You must get this on one of your two trips to Shinra H.Q.
Flyer #3- In the Ghost Hotel at the Gold Saucer, near the lobby entrance.
Flyer #4- Next to the Weapons Shop in Cosmo Canyon.
Flyer #5- Next to the Cosmo Canyon Innkeepers desk.
Flyer #6- In Yuffie’s basement near the staircase.
You must then go to the Turtles Paradise and read the sign outside the shop. Talk to the man behind the bar inside and he will give you 1 of every source (power source, etc.) and a megalixir.
All Lucky 7’s:
Any character who’s hit points are reduced to 7777 after an attack goes mad and starts consistently attacking with 7777 points of damage! At the end of the battle the characters hit points is reduced to 1 hit point so it does not carry over to the next battle.
Ancient Forest:
This is just east of Cosmo Canyon on a mountain. The only way to access it is if you defeat Ultimate Weapon or use a Green, Black, or Gold chocobo. You must place bugs, frogs, beehives, etc. in different places to access different areas. Figure out different ways to use the insects and other objects.
Ultimate Weapon:
Near the end of disk two and on disk three you can chase down Ultimate Weapon and battle him. He will be hovering over the lake near Junon when you first confront him. It will be an easy battle if you equip yourself. After he takes some damage he will run away. As soon as you are done fighting, quickly look around to see which way Weapon goes and follow him (with the Highwind). If you bump into him, you will take no damage, and Weapon will find a new place to go. Bump him five or six times and then just follow him to a new place and ram him once he stops. His last place to fight will be over Cosmo Canyon. Here he will fight to the death, and when you beat him, you can access the Ancient Forest.
Kalm Traveler:
In the rightmost building in Kalm there is a man upstairs who is willing to give a prize to whoever can get him a guidebook, the Desert Rose, or an Earth Harp. To get a guidebook go to the underwater reactor in Junon and find a Ghost ship enemy in the underwater aquarium type passage. Morph him with the Morph materia you get in the temple of the Ancients and he will turn into a guidebook. Bring it to the Kalm Traveler and he will give you underwater materia. Now equip the underwater materia and fight Emerald Weapon . He will give you an Earth Harp when you defeat him. Trade it with the Kalm traveler for master summon, master magic, and master command materia! Then defeat Ruby Weapon and you will receive the Desert Rose. Bring this to the Kalm Traveler and he will give you a Gold Chocobo. Well... you need a Gold Chocbo to get the stuff you need to fight Ruby Weapon. I guess you should just do it for the Heck of it!
Da-Chao Fire Cave:
In Wutai at Da-Chao, there is a cave with some items, except it’s a raging inferno. If you got the Leviathan Scales at the Underwater Reactor then you can put out these flames and get all the cool stuff.
Gil Exchange:
At the gate of the Gold Saucer (where you pay admission) there is sometimes a man in the back who is selling GP. It is 100 gil for 1 GP, and the most GP you can by is 100 GP. This will cost 10,000 gil, so it is your decision how much you buy.
Fort Condor Battles:
Except for the one Fort Condor Battle you must fight in the game, the rest are totally optional. The best way to do it is to let your attackers and fighters move down to the bottom of the screen as the battle begins, and overwhelm your enemy. Their commander may not even come out. Each time you win a battle the guy upstairs will give you an item that he found. Don’t worry though, if the bad guys overwhelm you.
Quick Money:
Go to the desert south of the Cosmo Canyon and walk around for a while. Sooner or later Cactuar will appear. He's a little miniature cactus dude. You can't beat him with magic or weapons, but he can be defeated by summoning Chocobos or Mogs. Actually he can be killed with weapons. I was messin around and after a while of hitting him with your weapon you'll hit him. So don't waste your MP. You'll need it in the desert if you aren't at a pretty hight level for that part of the game(around 30 or higher). If you manage to kill him he's worth 10,000 gil! And like 1 exp. I found out that just running around in the same desert section is a waste of time. You can only fight one cactuar per section. And don't waste time going from section to section. Run around for a while until you fight a Cactuar, after you do then switch section's then keep doing that. I was experimenting with all that and i stayed in the same section for an hour and a half and only fought one. Then I moved around and fought like 5 in 10 minutes.
More Quick Money:
At the Gold Saucer most attractions require you to have GP. Once you have entered by shuttle, go to the top left-hand corner to the save point. At the house to the right there is a chance that there will be a dark figure. He will sell you 100 GP for 10,000 gil. The man will appear sometimes. So, just go in and out of Gold Saucer.
Item Duplicator Trick:
You only need the W-Item Materia. During a battle, have the character with W-item pick a highlighted item that you want to duplicate. Then pick any other item. When the cursor is over a character, press "cancel" and your first item will increase to its original number. Then, press "accept" and then "cancel" over and over until you have 99 of the item.
Extra Item Trick:
In the final dungeon when you are prompted to take your party to the left and right path... take your party to the right path thus leaving the rest to go to the left. Follow the path down to the end where you meet up with the rest of the group. You can take the path that leads to where the party went left - do it and collect all the items from the left path. Now return to the group. They will hand over the items that they found on the left path (which are the same items you got).
Tetra Elemental:
South of Cosmo Canyon is an island you can barely or maybe not even see on the world map. But this small little island is filled with Cactrots. Be sure you have the Morph Materia equipped along with a weapon with a good attack%. Go to battle and you will encounter a Cactrot. The Cactrot has 6,000 HP so take off atleast 5,800 to 5,900 damage points, then use Morph on it. If you don't hit him the first time with Morph then just keep on trying because most likely you will hit it with Morph. You now have a Tetris Elemental. Keep on doing this over and over again and you will get this rare relic.
Raise XP and Materia levels quickly:
To raise your XP and Materia levels very quickly, simply go to the town of Junon (The town with the big cannon). Pay the man at the elevator 10 gil to enter. Once you reach the top, go the way that you would go to reach the underwater reactor. When you enter the hallway with the Shinra troops doing the marches led by the man in Red you will see a Red light on the wall. Go up to the light and press the Circle button or X and an alarm will go off. Run around the hallway but do not exit it! You will begin to fight a majority of enemies who are not very hard but will give you large amounts of XP and AP.
Slow down the Slots:
In the battle square when the slot machine is going around to pick your handicap tap Square really fast and the slot will slow down.
Awesome Materia Combo:
When fighting bosses, combine Final Attack materia and either Pheonix Summon Materia or a Revive Spell Materia on master level. If you die you resurrect. Great for Sephiroth, Ruby, and Emerald.
Chocobo Race Cheat:
When in the Chocobos Race, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 for extra speed and hold R1+R2+X to keep speed up and not lose any stamina.
Gi Natakk Boss Cheat:
Against the boss Gi Natakk, all you have to do his give HIM an X-potion or a Phoenix Down. This automatically drains all of his HP and you win the battle.
Underwater Cave
This cheat can be done only once you have acquired the submarine. Board the submarine and go to the sea northeast of the Gold Saucer where the river meets the ocean. Submerge, and you will find yourself in a cave in the bottom of the ocean. You will notice that in the and of the cave there is a crashed airplane. It's Shinra's cargo plane. It's not very big, so search all of it and you will find many items.
Easy EXP and AP:
An easy way to gain EXP and AP is to go to the upper path in the left path of the crater. In here, you will find creatures called Magic Pots. Each Magic Pot is worth 8,000 ep and 1,000 ap. However, there is one catch. If you try to attack them, you will do zero points (physical or magical). They will also say "Gimme Elixir!" So you must give them an Elixir. This will allow you to do damage to them.
Go to Kalm and go to the Inn and upstairs. Then go to the opposite side of the stairs and open the cabinet. You'll see an item but you can't reach it. Just keep on hitting circle (the ok button) and after a little while you'll jump up and knock it off. It's a megalixer which restore's all of your party's HP, MP, and Status. A megalixer this early in the game is very helpful cause you can't find them very often and you can use them anywhere even during battle.
Final Heaven:
To get Tifa's ultimate limit break go to her house and to her piano. Then play the following
X, square, triangle, (holding R1 and L1) triangle, (R1 and L1) square, X, square, triangle, (R1 and L1) X, circle, C, square, x.
Once you've done that press start and you will receive Tifa's Ultimate Limit Break "Final Heaven".
Shinra Mansion Safe Combination:
The combination to the safe in the old mansion in Nibelheim that contains the key to enter the basement is Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. Note: Push the button used to talk to people to select each number. After opening the safe and fighting the monster inside, a key to the other part of the mansion and Odin summon materia will be found.
Avoid Back Attack:
When surprised with a back attack start to run away for just a second to automatically turn around (hold L1 + R1).
Date With Tifa, Barret, or Aeris:
Never talk to Aeris unless it is vital for progression of the game. Cloud will get a date with Tifa after Aeris dies.
Date with Barret: Never talk to Aeris or Tifa unless it is vital for progression for the game. Once Kalm is entered for the first time, Barret will ask Cloud for a date.
Date with Aeris: Never talk to Tifa unless it is vital for progression for the game. Then, she will ask for a date when at the hotel in Gold Saucer
Easy Power Sources:
Go to the meltdown reactor at Gonganga town. Then, get into a battle with a Heavy Tank. Morph it to get a Power Source to build your strength up by a point. Repeat this as needed to build as much strength as needed.
Sprint Shoes:
Go to the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer. After winning eight battles talk to the man at the bottom of the room. He will be impressed that you won eight and give you Sprint Shoes. See my Accessories page.
Play Cosmo Canyon Song On Tifa's Piano:
You can play the Cosmo Canyon song on your own by going to Tifa's house in Nibelheim. Then, press Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Circle, Circle, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X, Square. Has no purpose besides entertainment in the game.
Refill Hp:
Cast Regen-All on your party, then quickly open the PlayStation lid when all opponents have been defeated. The game will be unable to load the victory screen, and may glitch while the HP for each party member fills. After everyone is at full health, close the lid to resume the game.
A few more ways to get some extra money:
Sell a Master level All materia to get 1.4 million Gil. Since another All materia will appear when the original reaches master level, all you will lose is the 5 time use of it. Fight an Epiolnis (the multi-colored bird) in the Ancient Forest. Steal a Wizard Bracelet from it, and sell it for 12,000 Gil.
Fat Chocobie (Chocobo):
To get the Fat chocobo every single time you summon choco/mog all you have to do is whenever you get a side attack (when you are on both sides of the enemy) use choco/mog summon and the chocobo can't get through you and the fat chocobo will drop from above on all the enemies.
Sleeping Old Man:
Directly East of Junon is a small cave that is only accessible using the Highwind or riding on a blue/gold Chocobo. The old man in the cave can tell you how many times your party has fought or escaped. You can also get helpful items from him, but the last two digits in the times you have fought must be the same. For instance, speaking to him after you have fought 699 times may get you the Bolt Ring.
Extra Ribbons:
Go to Geas Cliff. In the first cave after wrapping around to the bridge overlooking the door that was used to enter, walk straight to enter a cave with a box. Open it to find a ribbon. For a third ribbon, go to North Cave and morph a Master Tonbury. It is helpful if it is stopped first.
Extra Tetra Elemental:
Go to Cactuar Island in the south-west portion of the map. Explore until a Cactuar appears. Morph it to get the Tetra elemental.

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