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An Adventure of a Lifetime  




This year I am selling holiday letters as a way to raise funds for my trip as a People to People Student Ambassador to Europe.

I have contacted Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Birthday Bear and they have given me special permission the pass the word on that they will send a personalized letter to that special person (or animal) in your life.  All you need to do is click on a picture to see a sample of the letters.

Every letter will be unique. As one of Santa's elves this Christmas, I am permitted to read a child's Letter to Santa and answer them before sending them to Santa at the North Pole for his signature!

The Postmark on the envelope will be from Santa's hometown of North Pole, Alaska 99705.

You can pay for them by Paypal or send me the amount by mail.  (email me for the postal address)


The price of every personalized letter is only $5!

Web Special !!!!
Buy 9 get the 10th letter FREE!

Please tell me these things to that I may do the best of telling everyone who they are.

Letters will contain any or all of the information that you request including updates on Santa, his elves & his reindeer.

  • Child's name (Johnny)
  • Child's address (341 Chestnut Lane, Poltryville, NJ 14069)
  • Child's age (7)
  • Your name they call you (Aunt Pam, Grammy, Papa)
  • Special Accomplishments (good deeds, grades, etc.)
  • Chores (making bed, being nice to sibling)
  • What gift they would like for the holiday (Movie, My Little Pony set, Nintendo Game Cube)
  • Which letter style you would like sent (please use the name at the top of the page!)
  • Any other information you might want included (school, teacher, siblings, friends, pets, favorite movie/tv character, etc.)

For the pets, please tell me these things:

  • Pet name (Casper)
  • Pet toy or treat you are getting them (squeaky toy, Scooby Snacks)
  • Type of animal (Chinchilla)
  • Owner's name (Harold)
  • Pet's address (341 Chestnut Lane, Poltryville, NJ 14069)
  • good thing they have done (bring me my slippers)

I do be live that is all. E-mail me this information and either pay by pay pal or my postal address.