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Mungojerrie back there enjoys reading, as you can see.. but.. he doesnt have a book.. hmm.. creeping me out there Mungo..

I've noticed a lot of places rate their fics for violence, sex, and stuff.. well I dont. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, hey, how could I rate such wonderful stories?

current CNATM fic:
CATS/The X Files
little correction: CNATM is no longer a weekly thing, ha ha we lied, but we're still working on them..

Individual Fics
What we have so far..
arranged by when we received them..

=^..^= By Kittix =^..^=

 Kittix's Dream

A story about Kittix, I mean me, and a dream I had. Now you HAVE to read.
A very humorous story, actually a mixed up little cross over between CATS and MTV'S The Real World (a show I hate) read for a laugh!

A Not-So-Notorious Secret

My first attempt at a real fanfic, and not a stupid humor one!

Something happens to Rumpleteazer, and she doesn't know if she should tell Mungojerrie.
(as KD would say; *bum Bum BUM!*)

A Not-So-Notorious Secret: Part Two
(unfinished mini-series)

The second part ot "A Not-So-Notorious Secret"

=^..^= By Misteazer =^..^=

A story about catnip and keyboards..quite funny!

 CATS and me!

A story about joining CATS and the people in it, includes Jacob Brent (Q.A.Kitten: *Drools*)
=^..^= By Etcy =^..^=

 14th Birthday

A story about a cat, turned into a girl, and back to cat! See what happens!
=^..^= By Carbyne =^..^=

 Macavity's Dream
(I dunno if this is finished or not, the author kinda leaves you unsure)

Just what it says, it's Macavity's Dream

=^..^= By Rina =^..^=

 Demeter's Choice
A short story of what happened between Demeter and Macavity

 Alonzo's Watch

A sweet short story about Alonzo and trying to get his love to like him.
=^..^= By Quaxo's AngelKitten =^..^=

 CATS meets Scooby Doo

A funny crossover story between CATS and Scooby Doo

=^..^= By Rumplediva =^..^=

 Rumplediva's Dream Collections

3 short stories of dreams that Rumplediva had.. gotta read!

=^..^= By Athena =^..^=

 The Storm

       Cute lil story about Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.. and what they do best, no not stealing, fighting with eachother! And if it has to do with Mungo or Teazer, you just have to read it! Some inspired by RPG
 A Night of Stealing
Another cute story about Mungo and Rumple and what they do best, no not fighting, stealing! Where'd you get fighting from?
=^..^= By Angel =^..^=


Story about a kitten named Angel and Munkustrap, cute story you should read!
Explain this then?

A little ghosty..ish.. story about a kit named Phantom..

=^..^= By Tuggerine =^..^=

 Stupid Thing Called Love

A great love story about Demeter and The Rum Tum Tugger.

 Blue Moon

Ever read 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie'? Well this what happens when you 'Give a Magical Cat a Drink'.. funny little story.

=^..^= By TantomileKitty =^..^=


Neptune pt 2

Short story (pts 1 & 2) about a kitten named Neptune.

=^..^= By Rumpleteazer =^..^=

The Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer series:
The Abduction of the Jellicles: Part One

The Abduction of the Jellicles: Part Two
(unfinished series)

A great fic series, which I hope is finished cuz I'm waiting for the next part, about Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer. That means you gotta read!
=^..^= By KittyDiva =^..^=


Short story about a cat of that same name. How bout that!

=^..^= By The Phantom =^..^=


A fic about Rumpleteazer's life going on without her Mungojerrie. *sniffle* Anyone have a tissue?
 Revenge is Best Served Cold

A murder in the junkyard and the wrong cat is blamed for it!

=^..^= By Presto =^..^=

 Jellicle Superstar

A funny lil crossover between CATS and Jesus Christ Superstar (another great musical) Read it kitties!
=^..^= By Etceterette =^..^=

Under a Full Moon
(unfinished mini series)

A sweet little love story about Etcetera and Pouncival!

Under a Full Moon Part 2: The Kits

The next chapter of 'Under a Full Moon', with... kittens!!

Under a Full Moon Part 3: Puppy Love.. Kinda

Continuation of the series, now the kittens in leeeeeerve.. aww

The Cat's New Groove

The start of a crossover between CATS and Disney's
'The Emperor's New Groove'


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