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Where the insane Cats fans go... or the bored ones. Aslong as youre here, right?

(Formerely Quaxo's AngelKitten & Kittix's Cats Page)

The Jellicle Looney Bin - Version 38921156736497524.0

The cure for the bored CATS fan..


As of August 15th, 2002 - We have been on the internet for 1 WHOLE YEAR! WOO!

This is a divider. Meant to divide stuff. Who says you cant learn anything on the internet..

  Hello all! And welcome to The Jellicle Looney Bin! The newest version of 'Quaxo's AngelKitten & Kittix's Cats Page', and, of course, this page is all for the musical CATS. I am Kittix, and I'm the head webmistress here, but you'll probably see some of my stupid little sister, and reason why I am insane, Quaxo's AngelKitten. Or QAK, for the typing impared.

I hope you like blue. We use a lot of it. And if you dont, tough on you. HAHA.
*QAK seizures from all of the blue*

=^..^= Leave us some CatChow! =^..^=
(Sign our guestbook in human terms, or just rant on about Jacob Brent as many like to do. That was sarcastic, by the way.)

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9/11/01 ---- We remember, we'll never forget.

That moment of mystery... when we messed up history...

Final Update: 8/9/03

Kittix: Ladies, gentlemen, and Jellicle alike. I know we all thought this day would never come.. well actually, it came mooonths ago, but uh... this is it for The Jellicle Looney Bin, just shy of its 2nd birthday. *Angry mob grabs Kittix, tars 'n feathers her* Ahhhh! Dont be mad! Though these feathers do bring out my eyes.. eh.. I hate seeing this page closed as anyone, but it has to be done. I know most of our fans prolly figured we just abandoned you all.. and well.. we did.. but I couldnt stand leaving everyone hanging like that. But the fact of the matter is, I dont have the time 'n energy. I've been so busy this year, and will be for the upcoming year (my senior year in HS!), that I cant maintain this site. Plus we've been having so much nut.. hehe nut, I meant to say NET, NET TROUBLE, that we'll have access, then for a looong period of time we wont. Earlier this year, as many of my RPG buds will tell ya.. *gulp*... I dropped off the net for months! Why? Cuz we lost our access. Then it came back, but I didnt have time to RP or update, and had to leave AGAIN! I finally have time again to RP, but as for my updating, well.. I dont.

Has my interest in Cats faded? Oh heeeeell no! I love this musical as much as ever! (wish the tour came back to Pittsburgh.. *mumble mumble*)

So, in conclusion.......

On behalf or Quaxo's AngelKitten and me, Kittix, I would like to give a big, and a mean BIG, THANK YOU to ALL who have helped us through these past two years. Everyone who has ever submitted to a contest, read or submitted fanfic, signed the GB, joined our RPG, adopted a Jellicle from the CBOJ, listened to the midis, played a game/puzzle, added a link or linked to us, or just dropped by and adding another notch to the 'ol counter- really, really THANK YOU!!!! The Jellicle Looney Bin, aka Quaxo's AngelKitten & Kittix's Cats Page, aka Mistomania, would NEVER be what it was without you. The fans of the musical, and the few of this site, were our entire motivation, and the REAL minds behind this site, we just did the technical stuff ;) I hope you all have enjoyed our website as much as we enjoyed the fans enjoying it.

Keep Cats alive in your hearts, Now and Forever. And to the future fans, I hope Cats inspires you as much as it did us.

Thank you everyone!!!! You all have been great!!!!

An' there's noth'n at all to be done about that!

Miraculously enough.. there HAS been an update! Me and a friend of mine, Kittydiva, have started a LIVE/POST 'N LEAVE RPG. It is TOTALLY new. I mean, we dont even have any members.. yet.. so do join! WeLcOmE To ThE JuNkHEaP. Yeah uhm.. you'll have to register. (P.S. Kittix is Sparx. Why Sparx? Cuz Kittix forgot half of her passwords on her RPGs so she just changed her whole damn name, then ironically, remembered the passwords once it was too late.)

Oh yes.. a final note.. since I'm no longer updating, sending in contest entries, fan fic, and all that fun stuff is kinda pointless... I'm not even daring to open up the email account.. *shudder*.. but some stuff you may still access. We havent deleted anything, its all still up there if you wish to view something, do something, read/listen to something. (And if you take something from us.. we STILL would like some credit? Yeah, we're still petty like that ;])

So, where do you want to go?

[Things to Read/Listen to] [Things to Look at/Free Graphics]
[Things to Do/Contests] [Other Junk]

~ * ~ Things to Read/Listen to ~ * ~

Fabby Dabby Cats FanFiction

Are you bored enough to actually read? Then this is your place! Read one of our many CATS fanfictions, or submit a fic yourself!

Wouldnt it be funny if..

Little scenerios we came up with that might be funny. Well, funny to the easily amused. Actually.. they arent that funny.. *sigh* sorry.. humor us and go read, okay?

Jellicle Family Tree

As I sang before.. We are fam-i-ly! Er, the Jellicles could be.. go read and if you have a thought, you can add it!

 Our Cats Experience

We went to CATS! And you know you want to read ALL about it! And if you dont, READ IT ANYWAYS!

The Jellicle Jukebox

Cats lyrics and midi's... just needed a cooler name and way of viewing them.. hey, it got your attention!

The History of the JLB and About Us!

We love to educate, we are a very educational webpage.. right? Anyways, just some facts and history about our website and its long struggle to survive a whole year (and more) on the internet, and also includes stuff about yours truly, Kittix, and QAK!

~ * ~ Things to Look at/Free Graphics ~ * ~

Cats Picture Galleries

LOTS of Cats pictures from many productions. These galleries were NOT put together by us. Oriana, from Oriana's Moonlit Playground, was soo nice to let us link to her picture galleries from here, because we were too lazy to get random accounts and gather pictures ourselves. So, if you wanna give credit to someone, give it to her and her site! THANK YOU ORIANA! YOU RULE! WE SUCK! *bows*

Quaxo's AngelKitten's Misto/Jacob Brent Shrine

QAK's tribute to Mistoffelees and the Video/Broadway/London actor, Jacob Brent, who played him oh so very well.

Kittix's VERY NOTORIOUS Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer Shrine

Kittix's MUCH BETTER THAN QAK'S MISTO SHRINE to the cat burglars themselves, Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer.

The Cardboard Box-O-Jellicles

 Come on in and adopt one of our many Jellicles for your own site!

Stupid Graphics We Made

Yeah, so they're stupid, but we made them, so go take some!

~ * ~ Things to Do/Contests ~ * ~

(Things to do)

 Jellicle Slider Puzzles

Try and figure out thise slide puzzles of the Cats. Have fun, I couldnt solve them. Then again, that doesnt say much..

Jellicle WordSearch of INSANITY!

Print out this wordsearch and find the CATS related words!

Jellicle VIRTUAL WordSearch of Insanity

Find these Cats words straight from your own computer! Once you've found them all, start a new game! Fun fun fun for hours.. or like 15 minutes.. until you get bored with that too..

Jellicle Name-O-Matic

We like to use "-O-" a lot.. hehe.. anyways, having a hard time finding that purrfect and unique Jellicle-like name? Look no more! Try the Jellicle Name-O-Matic and get yourself your very own name!

Cats Concentration

Ever play the game concentration? Or memory? Well play this little game with the Cats logo and colors!

Jellicle Cat-Libs

Wow, you must be REALLY bored. Anyways, if you want to have some fun with words, come on in and play some ad-libs with the songs of Cats.

Ask the Cats!

Ever wanted to ask the Cats from Cats a question? Well, here's your chance!! (for a laugh!).

The JuNkHEaP Cats RPG

You can come and BE a cat! Yes, thats very creepy, but it's fun! You could post LIVE or POST/LEAVE!.. (gotta register and be a member!) (Kittix is Sparx.)


Macavity's Very Evil and Sinister Cats Trivia

...HELP! ANSWER MACAVITY'S TRIVIA! That a good description?

Find Kittix!!

Well, I think the name does pretty much all the describing, but its your job to find Kittix somewhere on this website. SO GO DO IT, OR I'LL GO FIND YOU!! I will, dont tempt me..

Guess That Cat!

QAK used that nice, yet very small, brain of hers and came up with this contest. You have to figure out which CATS are the ones in the graphics.


QAK has yet another contest for all you Cats FanFiction authors out there.

(note: QAK's contests have a tendency to take a loooong time to be updated, because QAK is always oh-so-busy.. dont blame me. Hah, like I have a life.)

~ * ~ Other Junk ~ * ~

Kittix's Padded Room

I didn't know where else to put this.. this is a page I did when I was bored, that has a bunch of stuff I did, memememe, and some opinions and a bunch of other junk.

Lynx and Webrings

Wha..what!? You're leaving us!?! F..fine.. go on and go.. I dont care.. but if you ARE going to leave us, here are some places you should visit!

Contact Us!

How you can get intouch with either me, Kittix, or my stupid sister QAK. Not like you'd want to talk to her but, just incase..

The Jellicle Looney Bin Trophy Case

Yes we HAVE won some awards, and NO we didnt pay people to give us them. We did beg, but we didnt pay. *Grin* Anyways, these were people who, even though they probably didnt like our site, gave us some wonderful awards, probably out of pity.. but they're nice anyways! AND YOU CAN SEND US AN AWARD! YES YOU CAN! PLEASE!?

Win a Kittix/QAK Sponsored Award!

Think your Cats site meets our qualities to get an award from one of us? Yeah, it probably does, but what the hell.. apply for one of these today!


Hey! Wanna link to us? We'd love that! Link to our banner!

The Jellicle Looney Bin Banner

If you link to us, be sure to email us so we can add your site as a link aswell!

Email Us!


....CATS fans have loved us since August 15th, 2001

*10,000 hits! June, 2002*
You like us! You really like us! I..think.

Kittix Answers Stuff About the JLB:

Why do we use stupid names for the sections on the site?

Simple really! People remember it better, and it's unique. For example; The JLB's 'Fabby Dabby Cats FanFiction'. Tell me, have you ever heard of Fabby Dabby Cats FanFiction until ya got hear? Don't think so! (And if you did.. grr.. someone copied off us) If someone says to you "Hey, have you been to the Fabby Dabby Cats FanFiction?" They'll know where you're talking about, instead of if you would say "Hey, have you been to the Cats FanFiction?" ... there are tooooons of pages just called Cats fan fiction, but only we have 'Fabby Dabby Cats FanFiction', so ya always know it's us at the JLB! And, any fan fic that is placed into our collection can be considered a 'Fabby Dabby', as people actually do refer to them as.

Always enjoy the weird section names here at the Jellicle Looney Bin; where being strange is normal!

Feel free to use this graphic that I made to show our support for Americans after the tragedy of  September 11. God Bless them.

The Jellicle Looney Bin's Site Guardian

The Vampire Cat, Munathzo!

(Watch out, he bites..)

My name is Munathzo
Vampire Pet
I was adopted at the
Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Vampire Animals



Basically, this is the stuff we DO NOT own. CATS the musical, along with pictures, character names, lyrics, whatever it may be that has to do with the musical, belongs entirely to The ReallyUsefulGroup and ALW. The character names 'Kittix' and 'Quaxo's AngelKitten' are names off the top of our very small brains, and are not affiliated with musical at all. We dont own any rights or have any restrictions, and we are a non profit fan site, but you can give us money if you want to! :)  JUST KIDDING, DONT SUE US! Once again, if you see the letters 'C-A-T-S' all in one word, we dont own it! So dont sue us because we have no money for you. Really, we dont.

All fanfiction are copyright their respected authors.

....Kittix rules.. QAK sucks...