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Shimmering Wolf Globe

Wolfie's World of Wolves
Developed By: Wolfie

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Wolf HowlingMyth and history are intricately woven together. Stories and beliefs about wolves have affected and in some cases even provoked mankind's negative interactions with the wolf. After centuries of stories, fables and tales man grew up with various fears of a dreadful "wolf" attack on a village or person. These fears have influenced an intensely negative attitude toward wolves and therefore causing man to relentlessly hunt, trap, torture and kill the wolf.

Not only have humans set out to eliminate wolves, at times they have also taken satisfaction in torturing them. This cruel expression of hatred for another species has been justified by the Machiavellian theory wherein the ends justify the means: killing wolves was man's duty to humankind, to civilization, and to the church. Through the ages man has destroyed this beautiful beast because of his own fears of the unknown.

This website will hopefully influence you to take a stand and dispel the negative myths surrounding this primitive, mysterious, loving, loyal yet misunderstood creature of the planet Earth. Our brother, the wolf, must be protected to maintain Earth's delicate ecosystem.

Wolf Watching

Only the mountain has lived long enough to objectively listen to the howl of a wolf.

Wolf Staring

Wolf Tracks

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