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11X Absolute Alcuran Alpha A Day in the Life And Blue (Lapislazivascination)

The Artist Overwhelmed Atlantic

Blood and Transition Blue Mess But I Love You

Circle Magazine Cover Circle Magazine Interior Circle Magazine Interior Two Columbian Girl Complex Thought Conestoga Twilight

Dali and I Devastation Directions Disappear Like Smoke

Early Girl Early Hedy Early Synchronicity Evening Comes Events

Faces Faces Ninety Two Faces Ninety Three Faces Ninety Five Fascination Facial Distortion Fauve Love From the Hip From the Mind From Me to You Fuzzy Fuzzy Faces



Impending Doom Invitation Izerization


Lapislazivascination (And Blue) Love Lust

The Magician The Magician (Detail) The Magician (Detail A) ManCatMan Man With a Ball in His Mouth Morning Movies

Moving Life (with Duck) My Space My Table


"Once in a Lifetime" Show Ad "Once in a Lifetime" Show Sponsors Oocytographic Memory Oocytographic Memory (Detail)

Paint Can Patterns Patterns A Patterns B Pink Faces

Psychic Etch A Sketch

Rara Appearing Red Faces Rocket Appearing

Sculptural Television Self Portrait with River SEM Shattered

She Dreams of Adventure Speaking of My Work

Sweet Dreams for Sara Synchronicity Synchronicity I

The Bug Eater Time II To My Brothers Gone Before Me

Um Un Clon

VACCO Valentine Visions

When the Going Gets Weird B&W

When The Going Gets Weird... (Color) Woman Working

XV (Detail) XV (Detail A)

Young Man With Friends



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