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About The Artist Damon Carroll

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1969 Damon has painted all his life. At an early age Damon began studying with private fine arts tutors including Bill Hoin and Alan Frey.

For several years Damon helped to operate Studio A Arts and Antiques in the city of Lancaster. The gallery helped bring fresh contemporary art from the city of Lancaster to the City's population.

Later Damon studied and worked with several local professional artists as a gallery manager and marketing representative.

In 1983 the artist printed and his first series of card sized black and white prints of SYNCHRONICITY II, AN AVERAGE DAY and FROM THE MIND. quickly selling 250 of each print. These small black and white prints of

Throughout the 1990's Damon exhibited his work privately holding numerous private showings of his work and parties at his now famous West Orange Street Studio.

During this period Damon completed numerous commissions for financial institutions, corporations, other businesses and private individuals interested in his work.

Among these various commissions FLY BY NIGHT, stands out. The 36 x 48" enamel on glass painting was completed in 1992.

FLY BY NIGHT depicts an American clipper ship at full sail by the light of the moon. The work itself was painted on four sides of two panes of glass mounted over top of one another a half an inch apart. The painting was executed in sign lettering enamel and was completed over a period of two years.

The year 2000 saw the first public exhibition of the artist's work at the Posey Iron Works in the city of Lancaster.

Entitled "Once in a Lifetime" the show included over sixty (60) works from the 1980's and 90's in pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, biopolymer on glass, acrylic and oil.

The show was a "very fine time" including live music by Trixie Griener, wine and cheese and Duck Pins Bowling on the Posey Iron Works bowling alleys located in the basement of the Iron Works' main office building on South Prince Street in Lancaster.

Currently Damon Carroll is engaged in the production of two lines of greeting cards. The first line of cards is being produced from digital images and scans of Damon Carroll's original works. Each image is then digitally remastered by the artist himself.

.The second line of greeting cards Damon is currently producing shocase photos of Lancaster County taken by the artist.



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